Perth’s Bitter Taste Drop New Demo, Are Definitely A Band To Watch

A damn solid demo showing what will hopefully come next from Bitter Taste. 

Western Australian underground hardcore outfit, Bitter Taste, dropped a nifty little demo early this week, and it’s a bloody ripper.

With just three scathing, aggro metallic hardcore songs – the pummeling, pinchy goodness of ‘Powerless‘ (my personal favourite), the dark crusher of ‘Invade My Mind’, and the savage ‘Release‘ – go well and far beyond what we all might expect from just a mere demo. This Perth heavy crew channel the best parts of what fellow Aussie heroes Cursed Earth, Ill Natured (who are really due for a new release next year) and Justice For The Damned or even international heavy-hitters like Hopeless, Nails, and Jesus Piece all do so very well.

In short, it’s a short but fucking wicked release!

Check out a full stream of this new demo below and pick it up for a pay-what-you-wish option. Make sure you keep close tabs on these guys.

[Full disclosure: Bitter Taste member, Callum Walters, is actually a new addition to KYS – he recently covered the new Honest Crooks EP for us. However, that relationship did not impact nor dictate any of my thoughts laid out in this article. I just thought that this shit just goes really hard and I wanted to plug it as I genuinely enjoy it. Cheers.] 

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