Violent Soho’s James Tidswell Launches Domestic La La

The name just rolls off the tongue, does it not?

Violent Soho’s James Tidswell, in part with the UNIFIED Label Group, has started up a new label – Domestic La La, and they’ve already got two Aussie bands signed up for it: Dear Seattle and West Thebarton.

So. First off, as for the name of the label, Tidswell has stated that “The name itself comes from a Violent Soho song, and I’m using it as a record label name because it is “Domestic” as in Australia, and “La La” as in music.” Simple stuff, really.

As for signing up the young, ever-lovable indie-grunge rockers in Dear Seattle, Domestic La La will be putting out their self-titled EP on vinyl and you can read my loving review of the band’s EP right here.

Regarding why this band was selected as one of their first signees, the long-haired Violent Soho guitarist mentioned that:

A friend sent me Dear Seattle when there was just one song out from the self-titled EP and on the first listen, my jaw dropped. I was sitting by myself at my dining room table, and I put it on repeat. It was right before I was going out, so it was like my own personal pre-drinks party. I was so amped up that I cancelled my Uber and found their email address straight away. I fell in love instantly, and I ended up being late to the dinner I was going to. I’ve been to every show since, I’m just smitten.

He also added that “And, for the record, I don’t think they sound like Violent Soho at all.” Hey, whatever helps you sleep at night, mate.

Also, in typical Violent Soho/Tidswell fashion, the band’s record contact also stated that all parties were to complete a 750ml VB beer bong together before the contract was finally validated. And to absolutely no one’s shock, all parties complied with the act.


As for the seven-piece garage-rockers in West Thebarton’s signing up to this new label, the news also came with the release of the band’s newest tune, ‘Bible Camp‘.

The upbeat rock song was inspired by a rather sad story that Reverand Ray’s mother told him about her uni days in Manila (which sounds like a codeword of some sort). The singer explains; “two of the blokes used the camp as a retreat to meet up, as their extremely Catholic families wouldn’t ever accept them being with each other. Apparently one of their Dads wasn’t too happy when he was made aware and had come down there after finding out… My Mum, Dora saw the Dad kicking in the head of his son’s lover”.

Well, first of all, fuck that guy for assaulting his son like a real piece of shit. Second of all, a far less violent and depressing outcome is fantasised in this song’s narrative; one where these two star-crossed lovers fall in love at the camp, then spend the ensuing years fondly remembering their brief, sweet time together. If only that was the case instead of the grim reality that took place.

Now, on a much lighter topic, Tidswell said of signing up West Thebarton that the band are “…honest, real, and full of heart, the spirit and energy in their music literally jumps through the speakers and connects with me, giving me an emotion I didn’t know I was feeling and that’s about as good as it gets. I fucking LOVE them!

Considering this band’s soulful yet still grungy rock sound, these guys are a perfect fit for this new label and would be perfect for a support slot under Violent Soho should the time come. But for now, a national December tour with Polish Club will do just fine me thinks.

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