Come Stream Statues Amazing New LP, ‘No Grave, No Burial’ Early

Come in and hear the new Statues LP a few days early!

There is a very, very good reason as to why I gave ‘No Grave, No Burial‘, the new record from Statues a lustrious 95/100 – it’s a fucking killer record. (You can read my review  here). Seriously, we’re beyond excited to be hosting this advance stream for you all!

No Grave, No Burial‘ is a darker, more expansive, more direct, and far more impactful work, both musically and lyrically, than anything else in this Perth band’s discography thus far. It’s a moving, eerie hardcore record that is not only expertly crafted in terms of production, tone and songwriting but is also a record that’s got something worldly and important to discuss; the horrors experienced by refugees around the world, their endless fight for survival, and their painstaking quests for the slightest chance of safety and peace. It’s a heavy, harrowing tale and one that’s been delivered with real weight, care and nuance, all with some brilliant and equally heavy music accompanying it.

From the opening sonic haymaker of ‘Collapse‘, the gorgeous mid-album interlude of ‘‘ to the crushing hopelessness of closer ‘Sanctuary‘, this record is truly something else. So please, go and stream what is arguably one of the best Australian records of 2017 below.


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