KYS vs. Skorched

So. Are Skorched really bringing back nu-metal? Are they just in it for the money? Why do they wear the fucking masks? What are their real identities? Why are they shit? We ask all this and more in our totally straight-faced and definitely not to be taken seriously interview (that was the most serious part of this whole piece) with the Melbourne hardcore/nu-metal band.  

You guys have said before that you’ve all come from other known Melbourne groups, but without mentioning those bands exactly. So, are you ashamed of those past bands or was it a matter of not wanting people to have a predisposition to what Skorched’s music would be through knowing who was involved?

We aren’t ashamed of nothing. The masks aren’t a gimmick or whatever you want to call it, it’s just what we do regardless of the band. Your question implies that we give a fuck what people think of us. Whatever pre-disposition someone might have had has been blown away by how good we are.

Right. And why the use of the masks? Are you guys just that goddamn ugly or are some of you wanted for a crime or something?

We use the masks because we want to use the masks. We do not have to answer to any person, record label, PR company or anyone with a journalist badge stuck to their freshly ironed current popular band merch that’s a parody of something else popular. That said… the masks are symbolic. Regardless of the plastic masks covering our physical features, we as a society all wear a mask to some degree, don’t we? Whether it be at a job you dislike or around people you have to pretend to like.

That was nowhere near as philosophical as you think it was. Likewise, do you think that Paul Gray from Slipknot would be rolling in his grave what with your band using such a similar mask to his main one?

We don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks of our band. I will not participate in your attempt at baiting me to engage in a controversial subject. If I decided to engage, I would probably say that our masks look nothing like it but I’m not going to say anything so move along.

You just took the easy way out there. Now, can you actually tell me what your real identities are? And if not, why do you like to disappoint me?

There’s no point. The line-up changes every three weeks. I could tell you who I am, but I won’t be in the band in two weeks’ time. I just want to go back to doing my thing after this without getting hassled everywhere I go. If I’ve disappointed you, I’ll let you know that we intend on releasing a ‘Skorched: Behind the Masks’ documentary in the next five years depending on how we feel.

I truly cannot wait to watch it. With the new EP coming out soon, and without hearing it myself just yet, why did you choose the title ‘Taken Minds’? Were good names actually taken?

Clearly, you don’t get what it’s saying, do you? Taken minds is about minds that have been taken. If you can’t understand that then I don’t even want you to listen to Skorched. That applies to anyone too stupid to get it. Either do not listen to us… or if you do, delete our music and go listen to Superheist instead.

Wow. Well, anything pre-Superheist’s recent three-track just isn’t worth it I’d argue. As per your band’s overall sound, are you aware that it’s not the ‘90’s anymore?

We are aware that our music is timeless. People still listen to shit from the 60’s and no one says a thing about it. What’s the big deal with the 90’s? there are about 900 bands trying to revive grunge and straight up stealing Nirvana riffs and people don’t’ say shit about that either. I feel that people who hate on nu-metal do so because they don’t have the courage or the capacity to play such technical and world-renowned music. Innovators such as ourselves are always mocked initially. It’s nothing new.

I was trying not to laugh when you said that. Following on from that, out of all the washed up sub-genres that were big 20 years ago, why did you choose nu-metal to be the core focus of your sound? 

My last answer kind of covers that, but we saw bands reforming trying to bring the nu sound back. Let’s focus on that key element… ‘trying’. We are truly bringing it back and people know it. The articles, the writers and the media know it too. Besides, why would we join the cue and release another ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ knockoff? Which we’d do better than anyone else if we wanted to, might I add.

With a totally valid metric scale of ‘Emmure’ up to ‘Korn’, just how nu-metal do you think your music is exactly?

Valid scale, for sure, but doesn’t apply to us. We are truly unique, so any kind scale is invalid to us. You can’t measure intelligence with a watch or how delicious a pizza might taste with a ruler. Unless you’re sexually attracted to the pizza but you know what I’m saying.

Fair point. Would I be right I saying that the only musical references you had for writing and recording the EP were 2008-2010 metalcore releases and every single nu-metal album from the late ‘90s?

Metalcore? I don’t even know what that word is! Next question, man!

Okay. As per the ‘Beast In Me’ music video, don’t you think that there have been enough videos of bands – wearing masks or not – walking city streets, miming on top of roofs, trying to look cool and tough? 

Yeah, I agree but the difference is we do look cool and we are tough. Shooting that clip, the cops tried to shut it down twice. Given the fact we put it out and people love it, it’s fair to assume we told them to fuck off and they listened.

Also, in that very same clip, at the 1:21 mark (and at a couple other points), it shows six of you instead of the supposed five band members? So… who’s the sixth man!?

His three-week rotation finished during the shooting of the clip, so he was kicked out. He is no one that you need to know about.


So, what is the best and worst things you’ve seen or heard someone say about band’s music?

Best thing is a couple of articles stating that we are bringing nu-metal back. Because we are and we respect truthfulness. Worst stuff was the comments in a triple J unearthed article regarding the bringing back of nu-metal. People stating how awful we are and that we don’t play instruments because we don’t play them in the film clip. For those who don’t know, bands mime in their film clips so they aren’t actually playing either, so you’ve all made fools of your selves. I’d like to finish by stating to the haters, fuck you all and wait till you see us live at a festival. It will be impossible to not like us.

That’ll win ’em over! How many people do you think will get you confused with the American death metal band, Scorched, when they search for you guys online? 

Who the fuck is that band? That’s what everyone will say about them. Without replacing the C with a K, they haven’t got shit on us. Also, if they have any kind of problem we dare them to step up with their legal team armoured to the teeth. Our legal representation are stone cold murderers in terms of their legislative knowledge and case referencing.

Oh, yes, I’m sure they are. Anyway, what’s your favourite Korn song and why does it come from ‘Follow The Leader’?

That band is way too out of date for us to even remember a song or an album. Why bring up music that’s like 20 years old? I’ll visit a museum when I decide to take a trip down memory lane. Talk about us instead because we’re what’s up right now. That’s why we’re doing this interview, yeah?

Way to dodge my question, coward. Also, how come the dudes in Endless Heights dressed up as Korn for a recent Halloween show and they managed to look far more nu-metal than you guys do? 

Again, we don’t care about other bands. We don’t ever listen to music or watch lame as fuck clips of dress-up parties. They probably look more nu-metal because they tried to look nu-metal. We just dress in this band how we always dress, we aren’t out to impress anyone. Skorched isn’t about dressing up once a year as your favourite cartoon character only to feel like a massive loser once the initial excitement of everyone’s reaction wears off at a party, we are the real deal and you simply can’t compete with that.

Shots fired. Finally, what would you say us the higher priority on Skorched’s songwriting list: good riffs, having a good bounce or ripping off every remotely nu-metal band ever? 

All of the above then doing it better than anyone else. If we can get our festival crowds jumping then that’s a bonus. Money is number one priority at the end of the day and that’s why this band even exists. You hear a lot of bands playing it cool saying they just wanted to have some fun or wanted a creative outlet – Fuck. That. We don’t care who likes us or what we sing about. We just want the money when it comes down to it.

There you have it! Expect Skorched to drop their new ‘Taken Minds’ EP whenever its damn well good and ready to go. Also, this was all for fun, cheers. 

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