Endless Heights Went All Out At Their Adelaide Halloween Gig Last Week

Endless Heights are currently on tour around Australia in support of their latest jam, ‘You Coward‘. With it being October and with Halloween nearly upon us, the band went all out for their recent Adelaide Halloween show, getting a coordinated all-band dress-up happening. As the above header image so gloriously shows. 

Now, two of the show’s other supports, Sleep Talk and Horror My Friend also managed to get some solid costumes going as you’ll see (with the former’s vocalist nailing a schoolgirl/Sailor Moon outfit). But it was Endless Heights who delivered the full goods it; channelling their late 90’s egos and nu-metal instincts to make for a scarily good Korn-lookalike. Well, except for the fact that they play alternative/melodic hardcore rather than groovy, angsty nu-metal.

Our good friend Steven Cook captured last week’s Adelaide Halloween show at Ed Castle for the band’s ‘You Coward’ tour and kindly sent some shots our way. Take a look below: 

Horror My Friend:

0Z9A0338 0Z9A0352 0Z9A0396 0Z9A0347 0Z9A0548 0Z9A0400 0Z9A0346

Sleep Talk: 

0Z9A0227 0Z9A0309 0Z9A0218 0Z9A0194 0Z9A0160 0Z9A0102 0Z9A0104 0Z9A0138 0Z9A0153 0Z9A0320 0Z9A0110 0Z9A0114 0Z9A0116 0Z9A0217

Endless Heights: 

0Z9A0635 0Z9A0641 0Z9A0714 0Z9A0663 0Z9A0658 0Z9A0878 0Z9A1004 0Z9A0701 0Z9A0718 0Z9A0647 0Z9A0699 0Z9A0653 0Z9A0891 0Z9A0939 0Z9A0934 0Z9A0885

Header PC:Candace Krieger. Article PC: Steven Cook. Check out the rest of Endless Heights’ Aussie tour dates here

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