We May Fall Team Up With Drown This City’s Alex Reade For ‘Down’

Forget metalcore, synthwave is where it’s fucking at. 

We May Fall’sThe Light Bearer and The Shadow Maker‘ album was released back on September 22nd and compared with the other, far heavier songs on it such as ‘Apart‘ and ‘Again‘, the moody, synthwave-inspired ‘Down‘ – which guest features Alex Reade from Drown This City – sounds and feels like a completely different band altogether. Truly, there really is no other song like it on We May Fall’s latest metalcore-tuned effort, with maybe the slight exception of the LP’s short interlude track, ‘33.33‘.

Sure, many of that record’s songs have moments of trendy electronica woven underneath their heavy riffs, huge amounts of low-end, metal drumming and raw screaming, but ‘Down‘ takes that to a whole next level. With plenty of retro ’80s synths, pumping drum machine beats, a great vocal duet coupled with the video’s neon fonts and timely city skyline as a fitting nighttime backdrop, you’ve got what is arguably the best song this band has to their name.

Directed and produced by local pair Ben Kalgovas and Chris Elder (founder of the artist-collab production company, HAUS PARTY), the former added in a statement about the clip that “I had three jobs – do the song justice, make it a homage to the ’80s cinematic and impress We May Fall. I knew if I did those things and generated any emotional response then I’ve done my job.”

We May Fall vocalist JJ Brady also explained the meaning behind the track and video, defining it as “…like something is always at arm’s length, you can feel it just around the corner, behind you, but it’s not there when you turn. It drives you crazy. It’s a constant source of frustration, of confusion. But a beautiful one.”

Watch the film clip for ‘Down‘ below:

Check out We May Fall’s upcoming Australian tour dates:

Saturday, 4th November
The Factory Floor, Sydney

Sunday, 12th November
Crow Bar, Brisbane

Saturday, 18th November
Bang, Melbourne

Tickets on sale now!

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