Skorched Get Down On ‘The Masta Disaster’

With a name like that, you know Skorched aren’t fuckin’ around. 

Are anonymous musical collectives a gimmick? Of course they damn well are! But Melbourne outfit Skorched could care less about being labelled a gimmick and are just here to write bouncy riffs, groovy breakdowns, and panic chords with pinch harmonics galore like 2008 (0r 1998, for that matter) never ended.

Now, everyone and their dog will say that these guys sound like Korn, Limp Bizkit, Rage Against The Machine, and Emmure – and at times, they really do – whilst also screeching about the death and subsequent return of nu-metal; altogether forgetting about the hardcore influences that this band clearly take on. After all, some of these of guys came from one mental but sadly now-defunct Melbourne band. Though, have fun guessing which one because I ain’t spilling the beans.

Apparently, Skorched’s new EP was meant to drop last week or this week, but hasn’t for some reason, and could arrive any day now. So in the meantime, check out ‘The Masta Disaster‘ below, give it a rate on Unearthed, and then go check out ‘Beast In Me‘ over here.

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