Belle Haven Reveal Powerful Film Clip For ‘Me.’

Just in time for their tour with Polaris!

Me.‘, the dark, caustic, emotionally-supercharged closer of Belle Haven’s damned solid second record, ‘You, Me and Everything In Between‘ has recently been given the music video treatment.

Directed both by the band and the always-stellar Crystal Arrow Films, these new visuals see frontman David Vernon held captive by the clip’s female villain – a representation of a former partner of his. Throughout most of the clip, this woman mentally and physically tortures him over and over; from beating him, injecting him with god-knows-what, and to even tying a noose around his neck, whether to hang him herself or to force him to end his life by his own hands is up for debate. Either way, it’s a telling of one feeling well and truly stuck in a toxic relationship, a topic further spelt out in what are really the best songs from ‘You, Me and Everything In Between‘; ‘The Carving Knife‘, ‘Burn The Witch‘, and ‘Egophobia‘.

However, the clip gets a bit meta as the video’s “shooting” goes off the rails with Vernon standing up, quitting the scene, leaving the band and the set (which looks to be shot in the same building as the ‘“Selfmade”‘ video), ominously wrapping that noose around his neck and leaving the site, with the intention of ending his life. As the song barrels towards its chaotic end, the remaining members of Belle Haven catch up with their dear friend and bandmate, pinning him down and hugging him, ultimately stopping him from taking such a permanent, drastic action – suicide.

Of course, this part in the clip is all scripted. Yet it not only creates a cool twist on what would have been a very cliche video otherwise but it also stands to reinforce the singer’s deep battles with mental illness while stepping back to show the impact it has on not just his own life but also that of his friends, his brother (guitarist Christopher Vernon), his wider family and fellow bandmates. For there’s no greater victory than enduring, continuing to live and persisting through such suffocating personal and business hardships, especially for a band that went through some real shit over the past year and a bit.

Sure, a film clip for ‘Me.‘ was always going to deal with the issues of mental health present in the band’s music. I mean, right there in this particular song’s lyrics are these blunt yet deeply pained lines such as “Give me a gun/kill me/won’t somebody kill me?“, “Here is my edge/My edge/And I think I’ll hang myself“, and “I’ve spent a lifetime saving myself/Now I’m broke/One day I’ll save enough to buy a rope“. However, that does not make it any less of a powerful or heartfelt watch.



Friday 20 October: Fowlers Live, Adelaide Lic AA
Saturday 21 October: Northcote Social Club, Melbourne 18+ – Sold Out!
Sunday 22 October: Phoenix Youth Centre, Melbourne AA
Thursday 26 October: Oxford Art Factory, Sydney 18+
Friday 27 October: The Brightside, Brisbane 18+
Saturday 28? October: The Boston, Perth 18+
Buy ‘You, Me and Everything In Between’ here and pre-order Polaris’s ‘The Mortal Coil’ here.

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