Website Designer For Emperor Cabs “Hijacks” Site For Not Paying Him

This Emperor Cabs situation is a very good reason as to why you should always pay outstanding invoices. 

If you go onto the Facebook page of Chicago’s Emperor Custom Cabinets you see exactly what you’d expect from a cabinet manufacture: posts showing off an array well-crafted amps for the rock and metal crowds. However, while making a solid name for themselves from their successful warehouse basement, it turns out that the owners of Emperor Cabs seem to not pay their invoices. Because when you jump onto their actual businesses website to check stock and maybe purchase anything you get hit with the above image and this message from Emperor Cabs’ scorned, unnamed and apparently unpaid website developer:

“Hello and welcome to the new!!!

This is no Hack. I was the web developer/ designer for emperor cabs.

Also,,,,,, and!!

I welcome you all!!

This is a fine replacement from the poor attempt of a business from before.

I am setting this up because the dumb-dumbs at Emperor Cabs has decided to start doing business again. But they decided not to pay on all their invoices. Instead ignore the people who they owe money to, in hopes it goes away…

Which is funny.

Because I own the sites. Could be bad publicity. Waiting to happen/….

If you want to try to buy the domains, give it a go, eh?

Boys, Pay your fucking invoice. Answer an email. I know I am not the only one you stiffed.”


You can take a look at the “hijacked” site for yourself. Personally, I had a good laugh about this as it shows exactly why you should always pay your damn invoices!

Also, here are some of my favourite comments from the site’s comment thread section:

– “I will trade you one emperor 4×12 cabinet for the domain in question.

– “I’ll give you half a packet of crisps and like 23p

– “Give you 40 bucks for it. Do I get any amps too?

– “I’d like to buy one of these domains and start my own taxi company.

Also, while looking up Emperor Cabs, I came across this forum post from 2011 on Harmony Central about the manufacturer calling out a customer on their Facebook page. It’s unprofessional as hell but fucking hilarious at the same time. 

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