Behind Crimson Eyes Are A Thing Again & They’re Teasing New Material

BCE with a vengeance. 

Behind Crimson Eyes are perhaps the best living proof that just because you’re loved and popular doesn’t mean you’ll always be loved and popular. The group’s two Boomtown Records-released EP’s – 2005’s decent ‘Pavour Nocturnus‘ and the wordy ‘Prologue: The Art of War/Cherry Blossom Epitaph‘ – served them well here in Australia. Even more so did 2006’s debut full-length, ‘A Revelation for Despair‘ (‘Shakedown‘ was a sick track, I’ll openly admit that) and the rest, in all of its lukewarm and lacklustre end, was history.

But after several years away on hiatus, having “normal jobs” and starting families, BCE returned to active duty earlier this year. They first did this by touring nationally with Alexisonfire for what was a slightly odd support slot in retrospect. (You can read my live review from that tour’s Melbourne show here).

Secondly, the reignited group recently started teasing new music from this new era of their decade-plus career. Appearing via this website, a new song, EP and/or album entitled ‘Stardust‘ will be coming Friday, November 3rd. Whatever this tease ends up being, it’ll be material that’ll be shown off in January come Unify 2018. I’d link you to that show’s info and tickets but that shit’s sold out, son!

With a current line-up of Liam HennessyAaron SchultzJosh StuartDan Kerby and Garth Buchanan, let us all pray that this new release will be better than that self-titled album. *Shudders*. 

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  1. theskull

    Like the singers tatts haha.
    To be fair were a good band when they first released the ep “pavour nocturnes” and even “prologue” was a good release but went beyond shit after that.
    Not holding out much hope

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