Crystal Lake Refuse To Slow Down, Release New Single ‘Apollo’

There is seemingly no stopping this Japanese metalcore freight train. 

After 2015’s solid LP, ‘The Sign‘, and last year’s expanded sounds of ‘True North‘ , Japan’s Crystal Lake aren’t easing up on the brakes, today dropping a brand new tune.

Apollo‘, as a track, is a collection of all of Crystal Lake’s various musical influences; modern metalcore riffs and heavy breakdowns (2:38), throwback nu-metal grooves and vocal cues (1:42), some lighter poppier and atmospheric shades throughout, as well as hint of electronic instrumentation to round it all out. And that’s all on top of the group’s strong tendencies for large melodic guitars and pounding, rhythmic aggression. And you know? It’s pretty good! Sure, this is just more Crystal Lake to add to the ever-growing vaults of their career, but I am personally happy to ride this one out for a fair while longer. Long enough for this band to fucking finally do an Australian tour, that is!

Crystal Lake’s new CD/DVD package ‘Apollo‘ is out now, which includes another new track, ‘Machina‘, a remix of an oldie called ‘Dreamscape‘, and a live DVD of their very own True North Festival from earlier this year (which also included performances by Coldrain, Fit For A King, and others). Check out the lead single below – it’s mint.

In other Crystal Lake news, check out ‘Solace‘, the new track from End These Days, which features Ryo. Jump to the 2:10 minute mark to see the vocalist awkwardly walking through busy Japanese streets “screaming” at the camera. Not a bad guest spot, either. 

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