Diamond Construct Up Their Shit With New Single, ‘Paradox’

Taree’s finest* killing it once again. 

Last night, after a small quiet period for the NSW band, Diamond Construct released their new single, ‘Paradox‘.

Much like their solid 2016 EP, ‘Event Horizon‘, the metalcore band’s latest single shows influences from all of the usual names; your Northlane’s, your Stories‘ your Architects‘, and so on. Yet while ‘Paradox‘ doesn’t step outside of their genre and while it might just be me, this feels like a great progression from what they did with a song such as ‘Feel The Sun‘. Also, this new track just flows so goddamn well from start to end; it has way more layers than any other song on that previous EP or before it; the guitars tune lower, bounce better, and hit harder; there are bends and pinch harmonics galore; Kynan Groundwater’s cleans mould with far more fitting atmospheric instrumentation; and it features arguably the biggest breakdown this band have recorded so far.

Produced by the band’s own guitarist/I Probably Hate Your Band’s biggest supporter Braden Groundwater, and mixed and mastered by Lance Prenc (seriously, this dude’s name is everywhere lately), ‘Paradox‘ is one polished metalcore beast.

Personally, I fuck with this song hard and I don’t particularly care if you do or not.

Diamond Construct’s mammoth new tune is out now via Spotify and iTunes and you can check out the track’s video – filmed by Initiate Jericho’s Elliot Sauvage (Sauvage Photo) – below:

Diamond Construct will be heading out on tour with Windwaker this December for ‘The Fading Sun’ Tour – all tickets and info here.

*Requires proper citation.

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