Holding Absence Try To Find Solace On ‘Heaven Knows’

There Is A Heaven, Holding Absence Have Seen It. 

After the punchy and energetic cut of ‘Permanent‘, and following the captivating, sweeping emotional post-hardcore opera that was ‘Penance‘, Wales outfit Holding Absence have teased us all with another solid new single. On this fresh-out-of-the-oven track, the UK group have channelled their deep love of Architects‘ melodic tendencies with their latest skyscraping single, ‘Heaven Knows‘.

From the pained lyrics of trying to find hope and solace in life to the vast melodic instrumental layers at play, that grand sense of space found within each element of this song’s mix, those driving and forthcoming vocals; it’s another great showing from a great up and coming international player. These guys are right at the top of my radar, for sure!

Holding Absence’s anticipated debut album is expected to drop later this year or at least early next year via SharpTone Records. But whenever it may be, keep your peepers open for it; it’s bound to be incredible.

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