Premiere: Come ‘Home’ With Reside’s New Single

Reside: a four-piece boy-band that instead plays pop-punk/melodic hardcore.

Ending a release – whether it be a full-length album or an EP – in the just right way is as crucial as how you first begin it, something that upcoming Melbourne pop-punk/melodic hardcore crossover band, Reside, thought long and hard about.

Acting as the final track for their upcoming Closing Doors‘ EP, the group’s powerful new single, ‘Home‘, is a stepping off point for Reside; a moment of closure for the release, a cohesive representation of their sound, and a signalling of this young band’s future. And one that also makes use of Jack Black’s “sad bastard music” line from Stephen Frears’ High Fidelity (2000). After all, Closing Doors is simply a larger personal piece from the joint perspectives of this quartet, making their way through their young lives, with as much charm, honesty and reliability as they can all muster. Something that ‘Home‘ shows off with real gusto, whether you come to label it and its lyrics of self-worth as “sad bastard music” or not.

Reside’s vocalist and guitaristLiam Guinane, discussed the origin of the song, saying Home was a song that started from an idea I had with another song. I wanted this song to be one that wasn’t as dark as the rest of the EP. One thing I really love about this song is the back and forth between Sale and I“. As for the band’s co-vocalist and bassistSale Brown, he says that Home was the most difficult to write for me. The creative process lyrically was uphill. It became an open letter to the band and myself. Home is ‘Closing Doors’ at its core, leaving the old and welcoming the new“. 

Stream ‘Home‘ below.

‘Closing Doors’ will be released on Friday, October 26th. 

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