Live Gallery: Justice For The Damned – 22/9/2017 – Enigma Bar, Adelaide

In support of Justice For The Damned’s mammoth debut LP this year, ‘Dragged Through The Dirt’, the Sydney band took the record across a handful of shows around the country this month. Supporting them was Staunch, who were on one of their final runs as a band, Honest Crooks warming up for the shows that will follow the release of their upcoming ‘Suffer’ EP, and Hindsight, who put on as crazed and as intense a performance as usual before the indomitable headliners wrapped things up nicely. Check out our very own Steven Cook’s shots from the tour’s recent Adelaide showing of just how good Australian heavy music is currently.   


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Honest Crooks:

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Justice For The Damned:

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PC: Steven Cook. 

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