Live Photo Gallery: Motionless In White – 21/9/2017 – The Gov, Adelaide

A few weeks back, we were contacted by an Adelaide-based photographer over Facebook by the name of Steven Cook, who was very keen to shoot for us. Putting him throw his rounds, we sent him along to As Paradise Falls’ Enigma Bar show a few weeks back. Then, in stepping up to a bigger venue with a bigger stage, we more recently sent his merry self along to Motionless In White’s recent Adelaide show at The Gov, with their pals in Crown The Empire and Aussie locals Darkcell both supporting. And Cook did a mighty fine job in the photography department we feel! Take a look at his photos from Motionless In White’s recent set for yourself below and show him some love (or tell him he’s shit, whichever). 


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All photo credit; Steven Cook. Follow him:


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