Asking Alexandria & Danny Worsnop Walk ‘Into The Fire’ Together

Oh how cute.

If you follow Asking Alexandria or any other Warped Tour act/metalcore band that survived from the Myspace days on Instagram, then over the past few weeks you’ve most likely seen photos on Zuckerberg’s No. 2  of various band members promoting#IntoTheFire 21/9” – the newest single from Asking Alexandria.

Such a widespread marketing ploy is either a desperate move to help peddle some truly awful shite to any and all ears or to just simply make the biggest song and dance possible in the lead-up to release day. (Often, these two are misconstrued). Then, true to their word, last week on September 21st, Asking Alexandria released ‘Into The Fire‘, their first track with now-returning frontman, Danny Worsnop; their first in four years with him since 2013’s hard rock-styled, boring, misstep of an album, ‘From Death To Destiny‘. And this new tune isn’t bad, actually!

Into The Fire‘ shows off a couple elements from the band’s older metalcore flavours (minus those god-awful lyrics), the massive choruses they’ve come to be known for in more recent years, as well as showcasing some anthemic influences from their peers in Bring Me The Horizon, namely with huge gang vocals and with a vocalist that can actually sing well. I personally have a very up and down history with this band’s releases and my favourite release of theirs came with the one record that didn’t feature old mate country-wannabe Worsnop. And that was 2016’s ‘The Black‘, fronted by the supposedly flakey and dodgy AF former vocalist, Denis Stoff. That being said, I didn’t hate this track at all and I tolerated it for what it was. And hey, maybe you will too. Well, only one way to find out…

As for the song’s film clip, the message of the video is pretty clear-cut, I think. Danny steamrolled over his four friends/bandmates as a wilder, younger man four years ago when he left the band (shown quite literally in the clip), but now he’s returned, supposedly matured, to help make things right after hurtfully putting them in a bad position due to his departure and after they were fucked over by his replacement; all with a slightly out of order narrative to help create a neat little noir experience of redemption.

Expect a new album announcement from AA to come very soon.

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