Are Alpha Wolf Teasing New Material?

Well well, what’s going on here…?

Over his personal Facebook account this week, Alpha Wolf guitarist Sabian Lynch shared this link to a website called “”. When you follow the link, you get a short snippet of a song, presumedly called ‘Suffer‘.

What you hear in this teaser are gloomy, darkened guitar chords that a heavy-as-balls metalcore band such as Alpha Wolf would probably use in one of their songs. Plus, you also hear a sample of from Ariel Vromen’s 2012 film, The Iceman, a biography/crime thriller flick based on the true story of the notorious, longtime American hitman Richard Kuklinski. The sample in question is from the (SPOILERS INCOMING) scene in which Kuklinski, played by Michael Shannon, kills off Marty Freeman (played by James Franco) for using Kuklinski’s new bosses name far too freely in Freeman’s own business dealings, and after toying with his victim for a bit and asking him to pray to God so that God can “come down and stop me”, the hitman shoots Freeman.

So. Is this little snippet taken from new Alpha Wolf material? Well, I wouldn’t put it past them to have a track like this – one that leads right into a massive breakdown or a filthy AF riff section – but their debut LP, ‘Mono‘, is still barely four months old and after that album’s great response, following it up so quickly would be a dumb move. Or maybe, and far more likely, this is the mask-wearing guitarist helping to get the word out about a mate’s band who have a new release dropping soon? Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

What do you think?

Alpha Wolf released their debut album ‘Mono’ earlier this year via Greyscale Records. Get it here – it’s solid

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