Flowermouth Release Lush New Track, ‘Serotonin’

Well well, it’s been a while between beers, hasn’t it Flowermouth? 

In a lighter, more melodic bid than what Last Ride Records usually puts out these days, Perth alternative outfit Flowermouth released a grand new song last night called ‘Serotonin‘.

The Western Australian quartet has been pretty quiet over the past year, but that outwardly perceived silence has been booming internally, as the band have apparently concocted together a host of new songs of shimmery, lush alternative rock – ‘Serotonin‘ being the latest showing of such material. Channelling various elements from the likes of Postblue and Endless Heights, this new track picks up right where the band left off with their 2015 EP, ‘Urethane‘, and they’ll be following it up with a forthcoming 7″ later this year via the aforementioned hardcore-orientated label.

Pick up ‘Serotoninhere and stream it below like a morally sound person.

On Friday, September 8th, Flowermouth will be officially launching ‘Serotonin’ at Amplifier with their good friends in SkullcaveNerve QuakesApollo Zen and Thunderhead for only five dollarydoos. Event page here

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