Ebonivory Release New Single, ‘A Colour I’m Blind To’

Ballarat represent! 

Hailing from Ballarat, Victoria – one of this state’s key rural cities that isn’t the utter cesspool of Bendigo – is a local muso by the name of Charlie Powlett.

This Victorian local’s musical baby is the (currently) studio-exclusive project, Ebonivory; an entity that sees the young Powlett channeling all of his writing, recording, mixing and mastering ideas and efforts in to. So to say this band is a vanity project would be a gross understatement, but I don’t think that that’s a bad thing, not at all. As this heavy, prog-infused rock band has recently churned out a massive new tune, ‘A Color I’m Blind To‘, a song which mixes both grand melodic washes, strong dynamics, crunchy riffs, and tight, punchy grooves. And it’s a track that not only flows but is also a composition that doesn’t get too caught up in its proggy wankishness like other acts do.

With Powlett currently working away on album #2, Ebonivory – whether they come to tour and play live or not – are indeed a local group to keep a close eye on from here on in…

You can find Ebonivory’s past releases on their Bandcamp page here

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