Collapse Under The Empire Announce New Album, ‘The Fallen Ones’

German post-rock maestros, Collapse Under The Empire, are set to drop another opus in October. 

Within the instrumental post-rock realm, there’s a name that always seems to fall under the radar of many, and that name is Collapse Under The Empire.

Whereas people endlessly sweat the likes of your Explosions In The Sky’s, your This Will Destroy You’s, your God Is An Astronaut’s, your Caspain’s (and to be fair, all with good reason), this German duo create just as dynamic and just as interesting music, yet sadly never seem to garner the same recognition and sheer love that their many genre peers have.

However, that doesn’t stop me from absolutely loving this German duo’s work, especially that of their 2011 magnum opus, ‘Shoulders & Giants‘ – an all-time favorite record of mine. Following on from 2014’s solid ‘Sacrifice & Isolation‘ LP, their upcoming record, ‘The Fallen Ones‘, will arrive on October 20th and I cannot wait for it, personally. I mean, I wasn’t even aware these guys had a new record coming out, so you can imagine my sheer elation when I logged onto my Facebook this morning and saw this announcement at the top of my social feeds.

If you’ve never heard Collapse Under The Empire before, then this new record’s first single, the emotional and soulful composition ‘Dark Water‘ is a mighty fine introduction. It’s a piece filled with sublime washes of guitars, layered emotional melodies, and is a song that captures everything great about Collapse’s sweeping, electronically-laced instrumental post-rock sound. Hopefully, ‘Dark Water‘ is a microcosm of the quality work that this larger record will deliver come October 20th.

You can pre-order ‘The Fallen Ones’ here

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