Code Orange & Incendiary Team Up For NXT TakeOver Performance

NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III got a metal makeover with Code Orange & Incendiary’s Brendan Garrone performing Aleister Black’s entrance theme, ‘Root Of All Evil’, live. 

When I was much younger – we’re talking from the age of six through to about 11-years-old here – my parents would get a family friend of ours to babysit both myself and my brother when they were too busy with work or if they were going out for the night. The person looking after us, Kate, was all about wrestling and she would always let us watch it with her when she’d look after us. As such, my brother and I got a healthy dose of the Raw and Smackdown as little kids. However, as the years went by and I got older, I cared less and less for the happenings of the WWE world, and eventually, I stopped watching it altogether.

While I have well and truly moved on from being part of the WWE’s worldwide viewership (with no intention of ever fully returning to it), I always really appreciate the large theatrical effort and sharp presentation that goes into their shows. And that goes double for what happened during this weekend’s NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III.

Marking the first-ever time that a band has performed live at NXT, Code Orange ran through ‘Bleeding In The Blur‘, and then with help from their good friend and Incendiary vocalist, Brendan Garrone, ran through Aliester’s Black’s entrance theme, ‘Root Of All Evil‘. Originally recorded by the WWE’s songwriting/production duo of John Alicastro and Mike Lauri (AKA CFO$) and Garrone, the joint act played out the WWE star’s entrance as he made his way down to the stage for his match against Japanese wrestler, Hideo Itami; with Black going on to eventually win the match.

While the show’s main event was the Bobby Roode vs. Drew McIntyre showdown for the NXT Championship, this is gonna take the cake for THE moment of the night for me. Watch the short but bitchin’ entrance scene below!

Of course, using a hardcore/metal orientated song isn’t anything new for Black, as in the past he’s used Trapped Under Ice’sPleased To Meet You‘, Unearth’s classic riff-heavy tune, ‘Zombie Autopilot‘, as well as Brutality Will Prevail’s damn fine cut, ‘Heavy Eyes‘, as entrance theme’s just to name a few. Also, the fact that Black’s main finishing move is called “The Black Mass” – the knockout-inducing kick that actually won him this TakeOver match – I can’t help but feel that’s actually a small nod towards This Is Hell’s brilliant record of the same name. Well, that’s if the wrestler’s past music tastes and his love of black metal are anything to go on.

In any case, this would have been some great exposure for two bands such as Code Orange and Incendiary, the kind of groups who may not have ever been put in front of such crowds without such a performance. Well, maybe just Incendiary – Code Orange are on Roadrunner Records, were already a favorite underground name before that, and have a good, well-versed management team behind them that can get them in touch people such as Triple H, the WWE’s Executive Vice President of Talent, Live Events and Creative. Even so, the hype seems to be well and truly real for this band.

You can also check out a little interview from WWE with the band members talking about their small part in the event below.

Both of Code Orange’s ‘Forever‘ and Incendiary’s ‘Thousand Mile Stare‘ are out now. Hopefully, and as there seems to be a real crossover between wrestling and heavy music, more and more metal and hardcore bands get such opportunities.  

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