August Burns Red Announce New Album, ‘Phantom Anthem’

August Burns Red is as August Burns Red does. 

One of metalcore’s finest bands, August Burns Red, will be following up their sensational and indomitable ‘Found In Far Away Places‘ record with a new full-length this year in October.

Titled ‘Phantom Anthem‘, their seventh record is set to be another fine showcasing of August Burns Red’s talents; from the slick and solid guitar work of guitarists JB Brubaker and Brent Rambler, the always-impressive drumming of Matt Greiner and the imposing vocals Jake Luhrs. That, and the positive, uplifting nature of their music’s theme. Which is exactly what one gets with the album’s first single, ‘Invisible Enemy‘.

As for this song’s accompanying music video, well, honestly, it’s essentially just “watches Thunderbirds or Team America once”, what with the band being represented as 3D marionette versions of themselves. Yes, it’s very cool and yes, it’s also a little weird to watch at first. Working with director Samuel Halleen, the band’s most iconic videos (from the likes of ‘White Washed‘, ‘Meddler‘, ‘Majoring The Minors‘ and more) are reenacted in this uncanny puppet fashion, with a fine sense of detail adhered. After all, as the song itself goes, “Memories are everything“. From the clothes the five members wear to the small details in their personalised instruments, this video truly captures the personal nature and also the energy of August Burns Red near-perfectly. Strings or no strings attached.

Stream ‘Invisible Enemy‘ below!

Pre-order ‘Phantom Anthem’ here before it’s release on October 6th via Fearless Records/Caroline Australia. 


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