Photo Gallery: Touché Amoré – 7/7/2017 – Oxford Factory Theatre, Sydney

Did you catch Touché Amoré and Turnover while they were here in Australia this month? Or did you miss out on the tour and now you’re kicking yourself because of your tardiness? No worries! We can help you relive the action or show you what you missed out on with our photo gallery of the tour’s Sydney stopover at the Oxford Factory Theatre earlier this month. 


IMG_8386 IMG_8395 IMG_8419 IMG_8406 IMG_8392 IMG_8439

Endless Heights:

IMG_8457 IMG_8458 IMG_8546 IMG_8538 IMG_8596 IMG_8578 IMG_8506


IMG_8609 IMG_8620 IMG_8639 IMG_8614 IMG_8649 IMG_8682 IMG_8664

Touché Amoré:
IMG_8827 IMG_8834 IMG_8821 IMG_8906 IMG_8921 IMG_8878 IMG_8807 IMG_8854 IMG_8825 IMG_8901 IMG_8858 IMG_8881 IMG_8817

All photo credit here goes out to our good friend, Mitch Strangman. Find more of his damn fine work here

2 Responses to “Photo Gallery: Touché Amoré – 7/7/2017 – Oxford Factory Theatre, Sydney”

  1. Sunbather

    Some nice pics here.
    I was at the Adelaide show and I must say touché were incredible.
    They delivered so much passion and emotion when they performed not to mention how fucking tight they sounded.
    It was my First time seeing them and I wasn’t really surprised how good they were, I just knew all along before that they would be.

    • Alex Sievers

      Yeah, Mitch does some great work. So fucking stoked he’s on board to shoot for KYS when he can!

      I’ve actually never seen TA live but that’s the thing – I know they’re great live.

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