Premiere: A Gazillion Angry Mexicans – ‘All My Friends Are Dead’

Wait, are any of them actually Mexican? 

Back in February this year, I saw Chasing Ghosts put on a stellar live show at The Worker’s Club in Fitzroy Melbourne. Now, one of the supporting bands alongside fellow Melbourne band Sweet Gold and Sydney’s The Dead Love was a fellow local 90’s-sounding, beer-soaked rockers, A Gazillion Angry Mexicans. Their loud 25-minute live set was my first ever experience with this Melbourne grunge/stoner band but I had really hoped that it wouldn’t be my last. And today, it’s definitely not my last run-in with their music, as now premieres their brand new single, ‘All My Friends Are Dead‘.

If this quartet has passed you by in recent years, let’s get you up to speed. A Gazillion Angry Mexicans (or AGAM for the more word count conscious crowd) debuted back in 2014 with their first EP ‘Juan, Two, Three, Four’. 2015 then saw the group drop a new single in the grizzled form of ‘Rattle My Cage’, which received significant airplay on every tradie’s favourite radio station, Triple M, as well as many more Aussie Australian and U.S. radio stations.

But that was all in the past, this is right now. So go stream the gruff tone and rocking riffage of A Gazillion Angry Mexican’s ‘All My Friends Are Dead’, which shows the four-piece moving in a darker and heavier direction (see: note 2:45 onwards and how goddamn heavy it is) and it’s accompanying Fight Club-esque film clip below!

Those corn chips have made me rather hungry now.

‘All My Friends Are Dead’ is available for download on iTunes and Spotify. Catch the angry Melbourne locals on these following dates this month and in August!

All My Friends Tour

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  1. Owen Morawitz

    I saw the song title and thought it was a mariachi Turbonegro cover. It wasn’t and that’s ok. The song is mad anyway.

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