Initiate Jericho Get ‘Vile’ With New Single

The Sunshine Coast’s Initiate Jericho hopefully show a good sign of what’s to come with their newly unveiled monster, ‘Vile’. 

When reading my recent piece about this whole “Death Gate” thing that’s been teased for next Friday, you’ll note that I listed off which bands this mysterious release most likely wasn’t coming from. One of the lesser known names I mentioned was Queensland metallers, Initiate Jericho, as they had just dropped their fresh new single, ‘Vile‘.

And crowd kill my Nan, what a track ‘Vile‘ is!

For those unaware of this band, their debut single came in the form of the 2014 slog-fest ‘Universal Clarity‘, with then sinister sounding Enfield vocalist, Aidan Ellaz (who currently fronts Melbourne’s Alpha Wolf) doing vocal guesties. It wasn’t a bad first outing, no, but I think that anyone who follows the better-known heavy-hitters in the Australian metal/deathcore scene – your Aversions Crown’s, your I, Valiance’s, etc. – would have heard much better for this style. Then in 2015 came another single, ‘A Victim Complex‘, which was a decent track but one that just simply wasn’t much to write home about. Then last June saw the reveal of their third song, ‘Dread‘, which guest featured ex-A Night in Texas vocalist, Rheese Peters, for full deathcore brownie points.

And that’s basically been this band’s releases history; dropping just one new single each year for the past three years, with the band getting better each time. That release approach has more or less again been followed here in 2017 with ‘Vile‘. However, it’s with this latest single that Initiate Jericho hit with their heaviest levels of mosh-inducing impact yet and also deliver their most consistent sense of songwriting flow and dynamic thus far. For whereas I started to zone out when listening to their three prior tracks, this new ripper had me invested the whole goddamn way through.

Furthermore, ‘Vile‘ thankfully isn’t looking to be just another one-off track either, with the band stating that “The rest is coming” when they dropped this song on Monday night earlier this week. So fingers crossed that a debut EP or even full-length (dare I dream) isn’t that far off! Because if this track is anything to by, that forthcoming release should be a damned good time.

Stream ‘Vile‘ below – it’s fuckin’ hectic.

Also, Initiate Jericho > Chris Jericho. 

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