Watch: ‘Gods’, The Killer New Tune From The Orphan

You can do a great many things in a minute & a half, but none as satisfying as listening to ‘Gods’, the new single from The Orphan.

The key criteria that must be met for any of the premieres that we do here on is that I myself have to genuinely like and enjoy the release in question. And boy, I really fucking like The Orphan’s new single, ‘Gods‘!

Gods‘ is culled from the Melbourne hardcore band’s second EP, the solid three-track release that is ‘Gods.Gutters.Stones‘, which is out today as a matter of fact. It follows on from last April’s ‘Liar‘ EP, and it further establishes The Orphan as one of the better underground bands you’ll find in the Melbourne area. As the name of this new track suggests, this abrasive 90-second cut is but the first entry to that aforementioned release, with ‘Gutters‘ and ‘Stones‘ following and which are both just as good!

You can pick up ‘Gods.Gutters.Stones‘ via Google Play, iTunes or on Bandcamp, where you can also stream the new release in all of its brief but intense glory. However, before you indulge yourself in that indeed smart life choice, and just so you know what kind of blissful, jagged chaos you’re getting yourself into, suss out the insanity that is ‘Gods‘ below.

The Orphan EP

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