jacob Outdo Themselves With ‘How Long Until You’re Next To Me?’

jacob bringing us all the heavy feels as per usual.

I’ve always enjoyed jacob’s music since discovering the Wollongong/Newcastle emo rock darlings back in 2015, but good god, have they knocked it out of the park with their most recent single, ‘How Long Until You’re Next To Me?‘.

Simply put, they’ve fucking nailed it!

This fresh, ear-worming and romantically melancholic tune is indeed jacob as per usual musically speaking – still evoking the sounds of bands like Transit at their highest peak – but their music has never been this well put-together nor this well-delivered overall. This bright, near-three-minute hook-filled track also acts as an introduction to the band’s new singer and bassist, Ruairi Burns, who has slipped into the folds of the band’s sound like Cinderella and her pesky fuckin’ slipper.

Be sure to stream ‘How Long Until You’re Next To Me?‘ and its cheeky, piss-taking music video – much like their faux boy-band clip for ‘You’re Not That Cool‘ – just below.

You’ll hate yourself if you don’t, I can promise you that much.

And if you’re curious about the authenticity of the band’s sound and the performance here, watch a great little acoustic cut of this killer new tune here

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