Make Them Suffer Announce New Record, ‘Worlds Apart’

It’s about fucking time! 

This past Friday, Perth’s best metal outfit that isn’t Deadspace or Voyager, Make Them Suffer, announced that on July 28th, their third album ‘World’s Apart‘ will drop via Roadrunner Records. And with that news also came a brand new single for fans to sink their teeth into, ‘Fireworks‘.

Make Them Suffer have basically had the pedal pushed all the way down since 2015, touring from here to Indonesia, to the States to various parts of Europe; both in either headlining or supportive roles. But there is no rest for the wicked and between such hectic touring schedules, the band found time to finish up and record their upcoming third outing, ‘Worlds Apart‘.

If 2015’s damned solid ‘Old Souls‘ was a cathartic, more melodic and emotionally tinged step away from their unrelenting pace and lyrically poetic debut LP, ‘Neverbloom‘, then ‘Worlds Apart‘ is touted to be a jump “into the unknown” for these Aussies.

Worlds Apart represents a new era for the band,” explains immensely talented vocalist, Sean Harmanis. “It’s the risks in songwriting and production taken in the past that lead us to this point. The album is a reminder to ourselves that change and growth are good things, as both have been integral to the success of this band and its identity.

Fireworks‘ (and no, it’s not a Katy Perry cover) shows off the band’s more metalcore side, much like how ‘Fake‘ did on ‘Old Souls‘. I must admit, while I don’t hate this new song in question, the gorgeous landscape visuals of the accompanying music video – directed by the always talented Ed Reiss – are what really make this song’s emotion work. Though while decent, it’s got absolutely nothing on the banging previous single, ‘Ether‘ and it’s fucking mental breakdown.

Also, as some of you will know, Make Them Suffer aren’t usually ones to announce lineup changes as they happen, but the band brought their fans up to speed with who’s in the band in a recent post on Facebook, saying:

As some of you may have noticed there are a couple of fresh faces in our new music video “Fireworks”. Please make feel welcome our newest additions. Joining us on bass guitar is the legend Jaya Jeffery and on keyboard and singing duties is the lovely Booka Nile. While we would like to keep the information of previous members and their reasons for leaving reasonably private, we want to extend a MASSIVE thank you to Chris, Monty and Louisa for all the time and energy that they’ve put into this band. Guys, we wish you all the best from the bottom our hearts and to anyone wondering, things have ended on the absolute best possible terms. These are friends we have made for life, and we’ll never forget the contributions made by them and the good times we shared along the way.

Now, looking forward in 2017 I’d like to share with you a little bit about our new members. Jaya Jeffery is one of the best blokes you will ever meet. Funnily enough, Jaya and Nick have both shared a house, and band together in the past. Jaya used to play in Nicks old local Perth band (before he joined Make Them Suffer). We’ve been mates with Jaya for years now. Particularly Chris, who actually met Jaya for the first time in the front row of a Killswitch Engage concert in 2006, they quickly discovered that they share the exact same birthday, as well as a love for metal. They’ve been friends ever since. Our lovely new keyboardist Books Nile is a long time friend of both the band and Louisa. Louisa was actually kind enough to personally mentor Booka and guide her through the songs to help her transition to the band more comfortably. With their birthdays only a couple days apart, the two have had joint birthday parties together, one year accidentally getting each other the same present (this is so us guys). Seeing the sacrifices Booka has made to join this band is humbling. She’s not only left her job as the Manager of a Psychiatric Hostel, but put in countless hours practicing the songs, learning how to use a recording program and getting singing lessons leading up to the recording of the album. Thank you Booka for all your hard work!”

Adding that “Make Them Suffer are a group of friends first and a band second” and that “The chemistry right now is electric but the proof is in the pudding and I believe the new album is a testament to that.

Good lineup chemistry or not, we will all find out whether or not ‘Worlds Apart‘ is more of the quality of ‘Ether‘ or if it’s more in line with ‘Fireworks‘ come next month’s release…


Catch Make Them Suffer live this month as they support The Amity Affliction, PVRIS and Beartooth around Australia. Dates below, tickets here

Saturday 17th June – Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide

Sunday 18th June – Festival Hall, Melbourne

Thursday 22nd June – Hordern Pavilion, Sydney

Saturday 24th June – Riverstage, Brisbane

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