Osaka Punch Reveal To Us Their Favourite Movie Quotes

What I love about Osaka Punch is that not only do they write tantalisingly awesome funky, fusion-rock, offer up some greatly entertaining music videos, and just excel at being legends in general; it’s also that they have a very weird sense of humour. As I myself do. As such, I recently asked the Australian quartet what their favourite movie quotes of all time were, why they liked said quotes, and how they incorporate those fabled lines into their everyday lives. Because I just knew that there’d be some comedy gold to be had, and the Brisbane four-piece indeed delivered on that!

Find out which movie references made into the band’s hearts below, because that’s just the news the world needed to know about, goddamnit!

Jack Venables, vocals:

“There are many quotes I live by, such as every single line from Anchorman. But excluding that piece of cinematic mastery, anytime I feel the sweltering heat of a Brisbane summer, I’ll say “Kinda hot in these rhinos!” from that immortal and grotesque Ace Ventura scene in which Jim Carrey successfully birthed through a mechanical rhino’s anus.”

“The other one I’ve said for years is from the ever rewatchable Team America: World Police. Every time and I do mean EVERY time that I blast through an orange traffic light, I’ll gleefully say “Suck my cock, Gary“. It’s a truly enjoyable experience, and I recommend trying it at any given opportunity.”

Dane Pulvirenti, drums:

“The movie quote I live by is from Gladiator when Russell Crowe says “northern legions” because I like north as a general direction and I am in fact a one man Legion.”

“My other favourite movie quote is “Tom fuckin Hanks” from Wilson, the volleyball in Cast Away, a movie also featuring Tom “Fuckin” Hanks himself”.


Chrispy AKA Christopher Town, guitar:

I hate The fucking Eagles man!” – The Big Lebowski.

“I’ve worked in guitar shops for the best part of a decade. ‘Hotel California’ is such a classic song that a lot of customers play it when they’re trying out an acoustic guitar. The moment I hear the chord progression the exact scene in the classic movie replays in my mind. I was never a big fan of The Eagles, so I love it! (And that whole movie totally rules). But now later in life, I don’t mind The Eagles. Especially Joe Walsh – he’s a badass.”

“It’s so damn hot, milk was a bad choice” – Anchorman

“Look, I can’t even remember the number of times I’ve caught myself saying this quote. I think it works on so many levels because we live in Queensland and its fucking hot all year round. And I love milk, particularly that of iced coffees. It always seems like a great idea at fist, but you’ll soon regret that tradie sized ice break in the peak of summer! I’m sure that a few people can relate to this.”

Reggie AKA Brenton Page, bass:

“I’m going to have to go with a reference from I Love You, Man, from Eugene (played by Aziz Ansari), in the locker room after their squash session: “Good luck.. with that…”. Pretty simple, really, but it resulted in me pissing on the inside and the outside of my pants (at that point, I thought “fuck it, I’ve pissed on the inside, may as well take them off and piss on the outside”, and I did as such). I think I love it because of the line’s delivery. In the film, Eugene and his friends are clearly feeling pretty awkward around Paul Rudd’s character in this scene and he didn’t wanna be a jackass, so he just dropped this nice, “Holy shit, what do I even say here?” comment.”

“I’ve ended up using this quote many times. Whenever someone has to do something that is clearly an utter bag of dicks to do, I just drop the “good luck.. with that…” (with the same delivery as Eugene) and normally you get a bit of a smile out of the person you’re talking too prior to said bag of dick job/task. And if not, fuck’em! They deserve to do whatever shithouse thing it is they have to do – further punishment for zero sense of humour. It’s stuck with me for so long because there is always a time to use it, particularly when you’re in a band… there is always awkward and/or shit thing you have to do, and that goes especially so for this band! So, for instance:

“What’s that Jack, you have to drop acid and go to the Ekka?”

“Good luck.. with that…”

Next would have to be a reference from Jay (Jason Mewes) from the Kevin Smith movie Dogma: “Beautiful, naked, big-tittied women just don’t just fall out of the sky, you know!” This at the time was just funny as shit to me, I mean I saw it in 1999, so I was 14 years old, and tits and fart jokes were hilarious to me back then…. and now. Still now.”

“I love that quote because, like the previous one, it was delivered at a good time and well… who wouldn’t want what Jay is asking for, right? Just let it rain beautiful, naked, big-tittied women each and every day! Now, I haven’t used that exact quote much since then. However, whenever I get the chance to use it I do, even if it is out of context. I guess that’s why it has stuck with me. For instance:

“Oh Brenton AKA Reggie tuggnuts AKA dragon slayer 4000”

“Why yes, Christopher?”

“I think I need to go to the hospital, that rad as fuck knife you threw at me seems to have penetrated my upper uberlus maximus muscle…”

“Well, Christopher, beautiful, naked, big-tittied women just don’t just fall out of the sky, you know”. So no, no you may not go.””

Out. Fuckin’. Standing. 

Osaka Punch’s ‘Death Monster Super Squad’ EP was released last September through Birds Robe and MGM Distribution. Pick it up here and you read my initial review of it here – if you haven’t heard it, shame on! Likewise, the band’s most recent single from that EP, the ear-penetratingly good ‘In Or Out’, can be streamed below.

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