Alpha Wolf Announce Debut Record ‘Mono’

I mean, the album won’t actually be in mono. 

Melbourne mosh-enthusiasts Alpha Wolf have today announced the details for their upcoming debut record, ‘Mono‘. They’ve also carved out another heavy cut from the 12-song tracklisting with their latest single, ‘Golden Fate, Gut Ache‘; and without having heard the full record just yet, I can only assume that this new song is the supposed second part to ‘Golden Fate; Water Break‘, also culled from the same release.

First off, ‘Mono‘ will drop on July 14th via Greyscale Records, sitting alongside the label’s fellow heavy releases such as GravesMonster‘ and whenever the fuck Justice For The Damned release their album. Second off, and unlike the previous singles ‘Nail Biter‘ and ‘#104‘, ‘Golden Fate, Gut Ache‘ presents a stronger emphasis on melodic choruses with the group including tasteful but effective, emotional clean singing into their dark and heavy fray; something that the band hasn’t really done before.

Alpha Wolf’s guitarist and Jon Deiley’s personal style archetype, Sabian Lynch said of the track’s origins that, “Golden Fate; Gut Ache was written as an outlet for myself, about a time where I neglected to be there for a friend at a time of need. It’s about the guilt I’ve felt and lived with since I heard the news of him taking his life. This feeling will always resonate with me and it’s something I felt I needed to pass on so that we all know to stick by each other at all times.”

And as if that wasn’t heavy enough for you thematically, their debut full-length is based on equally dark and heavy concepts, as vocalist Aidan Ellaz. “Mono is an audio representation of utter desperation and the illogical mindset of an individual when one goes through traumatic experience. Whether it’s death, loss of love or coming to terms with mortality.”

Suss ‘Golden Fate; Gut Ache‘ below and click here for deets on their August support slot under Thy Art Is Murder, along with fellow label mates Deadlights and Perth lads and ladess, Cursed Earth.

Pre-order ‘Mono’ via Alpha Wolf’s Bandcamp page like a sane individual or simply get it everywhere else here. Check out the artwork for ‘Mono’ below. 

Alpha Wolf Mono

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