Photo Gallery: Fierce Mild – 25/4/2017 – The Gasometer, Melbourne

Fierce Mild’s ‘Solaris’ originated from being written as a musical response to a dream journal, which would really explain the dream-like visuals and aesthetics of the sextet’s live show. 

The upcoming music video for the sheer sonic journey that is ‘Solaris’ explores a fractured, torn psyche via a murder that took place on Victoria’s Great Ocean Road – seemingly either the 1970’s Crawford family murder 0r perhaps the still unsolved murders of a poor couple from 2015. But whatever dark origin story exactly fits the song’s inspiration, the film clip was debuted live at Fierce Mild’s recent pair of Gasometer performances in Melbourne over the past week – April 18th and April 25th. Projectors bathe the stage and band’s bodies in beautifully matched surrealist visuals (courtesy of live video artist member, Steph Peters) and with strong Lynchian vibes all-around, the darkened dreamscape atmosphere of their music really comes to life. 

Our very own Digital Beard/Owen Jones was on-hand to snap up the band’s recent Gasometer performance on Anzac Day. Check out his photos below!

IMG_0365 IMG_0348 IMG_0413 IMG_0422 IMG_0423 IMG_0445 IMG_0381 IMG_0426 IMG_0390 IMG_0389 IMG_0387 IMG_0450 IMG_0385 IMG_0386 IMG_0456

PC: the always wonderful Digital Beard.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled for the release of the ‘Solaris’ music video coming soon! And man, we really can’t wait for the band’s debut album.

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