Premiere: The New Single From Joy In Motion – ‘See Your Face’

Ladies & gentleman, please meet Joy In Motion with our premiere of their new single ‘See Your Face’, which is culled from their upcoming debut EP.

Joy In Motion is a pop-rock project straight from the mind of singer Jake Solway, and his desire to shift into a different style from his previous band, metalcore act, Road To Ransome in which Solway was the drummer for.

Today Solway, bassist Patrick Heaton, drummer Carly Sinn, and guitarist Dylan Cottee unveil their debut release via under the Joy In Motion moniker – ‘See Your Face‘. Clean guitar tones, a very relaxing, chilled-out timbre, soft, touching vocals and ear-worming melodies make Joy In Motion’s new single a very catchy affair. Which is what listeners can also expect from the quartet’s upcoming debut EP, ‘Falling Out‘, which drops on Friday, May 26th.

Falling Out‘ was mixed and mastered by Melbourne engineer Declan White, who was flown up to Brisbane where he stayed with the band for three weeks during the EP’s production process, recording from the vocalist’s home studio. Likewise, demos for what would become Joy In Motion go as far back as 2015, so this new EP has been a long time coming for this band to finally get up on their collective feet. 


The cover for Joy In Motion’s ‘Falling Out’. Duh.

As for the song’s accompanying music video, it shows a couple going through the different stages of their life together; starting off as young children in the clip early on, before soon growing into teenagers in the middle, before the video finishes with them being full adults and still together. Romantically wishful thinking, maybe, but mad props to any couple that can sustain a lifelong relationship such as that. Also, as some may notice, a really nice touch within this music video is how you can tell how the season’s changing throughout the “years”.

Anyway! Stream/watch ‘See Your Face‘, which was shot by Brisbane pal Third Eye Visuals, below.

Snatch up any and all pre-orders from their Big Cartel and Band Camp pages if you fuck hard with this song.

Man, this band’s name suddenly makes me want to go and listen to The Mission In Motion again. What a fucking band!

PC: KTB Photography.

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