Belle Haven Have A Lot To Share With You This Week

A new label, a new single, a new music video, a new album, and a new tour. Wowee!

Yesterday Melbourne’s Belle Haven dropped an absolute slew of announcements all at once.

First off, the band have now signed with Greyscale Records, who also just recently snapped up Brisbane’s Deadlights and fellow Victorian outfit, Alpha Wolf. Now, when that label started up last year, I always thought that Belle Haven would be this perfect fit for this record label and its two masterminds, Destroy All Lines’ Ash Hull and Short.Fast.Loud host, Joshua Merriel. So I’m glad to see this partnership now come to fruition. It’ll be a bright future for both, I’m sure!

Just like all of the regular label signing announcements these days, new music is bound to be included in the news. Which is exactly the case here with the Melbourne quintet unveiling new single, ‘Selfmade‘. With this emotional, soaring new track, Belle Haven is (unintentionally or not) once again combine various elements of The Used, Circa SurviveUnderoath, and to some extent, even Dance Gavin Dance. Influences and sounds that we’ve heard on ‘Everything Ablaze‘ and are bound to hear a lot more of the when they drop their second full-length this June – ‘You, Me, And Everything In Between‘. (It’s also great to see frontman David Vernon singing much more within his range now, making the song become all the stronger for it.)

As for the actual meaning behind ‘Selfmade‘, guitarist Christopher Vernon said this in a press release sent out recently:

 “The band has been screwed around by so many ‘professionals’ and ‘friends’ over the past few years and we’ve never really spoken out about it. It’s liberating to feel like we’re finally talking about it to some degree.”

Aha, so this song is more than likely about their old manager and what happened while the band toured the US in 2015.


Man, there is a lot to unpack from this album cover. Also, this cover just makes me think about Charlie’s board from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

As for the ‘Selfmade‘ music video, it was directed by Cian Marangos who also filmed their last music video, the bitchin’ good single, ‘The Carving Knife‘. (Which probably explains both clips use of yellow subtitles that are often reserved for foreign films.) As for this new release, it was produced and engineered by Matthew Goldman, was mixed by Matt McClellan, and was then mastered by Kristofer Crummett over at Interlace Audio.

Guitarist Christopher Vernon also posted some little trivia about the new clip following its initial release, saying over Facebook:

“The main ‘crazy’ male scientist from the MV for our brand spanking new track “Selfmade” is actually played by my Uncle Shane Rumney. He had never acted before but we thought his look suited the role. When I asked him during the shoot why he agreed to do it, he said to me ‘I want to do something new and fun.’ So he just jumped on board and did what I love to call ‘living a little.'”


Anyway, check out the music video for ‘Selfmade‘ below and be sure to catch these guys live this June as they tour Australia with Adelaide’s Ambleside and their label mates, Deadlights. Find more info on that tour here.

‘You, Me And Everything In Between’ is out June 16th via Greyscale Records. You can pre-order the album here, and there’s a very high chance that it won’t be shit – this is Belle Haven we’re talking about!

Also, holy shit:


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