Watch: Staunch’s New Music Video For ‘Impulse To Destroy’

For real, this Staunch track goes fucking hard!

The first and last time that I’ve seen Newcastle’s Staunch live was at Invasion Fest in Melbourne last year – who played right after Perth’s Iconoclast, oddly enough. Fellow KYS writer Nick Dominko and I, when compiling our thoughts on that glorious day, said this about the hardcore outfit’s solid 25-minute set:

“Staunch’s solid yet generic, straight up hardcore sound resonated with many crowd members and they were the first band of the day to receive what was easily the most insane mosh pit response, especially at the very end of their set which was just. Pure. Fucking. Anarchy. And a whole lot of fun to watch, especially when someone brought in a blow-up doll to the pit with someone’s face taped to it. We’re not sure what that was about but laughs were had.”

In fact, Staunch’s short but sweet set and that gig overall was a fucking good time, to be sure. [You can suss our full review of that show here.]

Their newest single, ‘Impulse To Destroy‘ was originally released on Friday, March 10th via Worldwide Hardcore, a page run by a couple of like-minded people who believe that “great music exists below the surface. You just have to look”. A-fucking-men.

You can purchase ‘Impulse To Destroy‘ via Worldwide Hardcore here, and while the track is free, 100% of any monetary donations that you make through the Bandcamp link will be then passed on to no-kill animal shelters. So help out our furry friends in some small way and actually buy this new track. You can also pre-order Staunch’s new upcoming EP right here.

Since then, however, we’re keen to now have the first look at the band’s new music video for that thrashy, riff-heavy track. The video is made up of both tour/on-the-road footage as well as various live sets from the band; an environment where Staunch are absolutely in their own element. Check it out below!

Furthermore, along with this premiere article, I sent off a couple questions to the band to add a little interview to this post, and you can read their answers below.

With the new film clip, over what time period was all of this footage captured?

Mitch Whaley [vocals]: Our homeboy Jack Rudder filmed all of this over a period of maybe a year? There’s footage from when we took him away to Adelaide for the last ever Cold Front show mid last year & the latest footage is from the closing down of the Blacktown Masonic Hall show which was just recently.

Samuel ‘Oz’ Osmond [bass]: Pre & post haircut.

Who did you record ‘Impulse To Destroy’ and this new EP with?

Mitch: The EP was recorded with Clayton & Luke at the Brain Studios in Sydney but the majority of the vocals were done with Mitta Norath at Tommirock studios in Newcastle.

Oz: Shout out Luke Corey!

So… when exactly does this new release drop in April?

Mitch: No exact date yet though my birthday is on the 12th so it might be dropped then [laughs]. But it will be released by BEST WISHES RECORDS. Shout out to Cee Jay for being the real deal!

We’ll keep a look out for it! With this new track, I personally think that this is a big step up in the sound of Staunch, definitely mix/production wise- it’s way more punchy. Do you feel so too?

Oz: Yeah, I agree with that.

Mitch: Fortunately we had our good friend & musical virtuoso Nick Adams (of Justice from the Damned & Whatever Forever fame) as our full-time drummer during the writing & recording period & he certainly provided some really great ideas musically.


PC: Brooke Harley. Staunch’s Mitch Whaley. “Come at me, bro.”

Rad. I also got some really strong thrash vibes from ‘Impulse To Destroy’. Was that an intentional sound at all?

Mitch: Yeah man, we are all pretty big thrash fans & we are trying to develop our own sort of crossover sound. I think it’s coming along nicely & impulse to destroy is just another step towards that

Oz: Word!

When I saw you guys play at Invasion Fest last year, what struck me is how at home the band’s set felt when playing live. It just felt really… natural and fun to watch. That’s obviously something you pride yourselves on, yes, your live show? 

Mitch: Yeah, hardcore to me personally is all about the live aspect the feeling you get the urge to move & engage with the music. It’s always cool playing and seeing people enjoy it and singing along especially at a show as great as Invasion Fest. Shout out to Ash Hull and his team always doing great stuff.

Oz: Without sounding corny as fuck, it’s really the only place I feel at home.

Also on that Invasion Fest set, do you know what was up with the blow-up doll someone brought out into the pit for the final song? 

Mitch: I am the badger.

Oz: I have no idea what the go was there, but it was an empowering experience.


PC: Corey Nathan. Oz in his natural habitat.

Right… in-jokes are great, aren’t they? Now, what would you say is the meaning behind the song, if any? As for me, it seems like you’re talking about how all people are capable of doing very destructive, very evil things.

Mitch: Basically, I wrote the song about how we all have our own vices, problems & things that we despise about ourselves etc and the self-destructive behaviour that those things can create or encourage when it comes to friends, family, interests and particularly relationships.

Oz: Being someone who has a tendency to fuck things up, to me, it’s more about self-sabotage and living with bad decisions that have caused pain to others.

With the song initially premiering over at Worldwide Hardcore, and how those guys donate to no-kill shelters, would it be fair to say that the band as a whole is vegetarian or vegan inclined? Also, do you think that maybe it’s a bit forward of me to assume that that method implicates your diet and lifestyle? As just because someone eats meat doesn’t mean that they lack all empathy.

Mitch: Shout out to Dakota and the team absolute legends they do a lot of great work bringing small bands together and all for the love of it too. Personally, I’m not vegetarian or vegan but have made dietary efforts to minimise my dairy & meat intake.

Right on, I’ve done the same thing since the start of 2017. Finally, as for the actual music video, do you have any favourite moments from that music video? As the shots from that house show in someone’s back yard looked sick!

Mitch: Yeah, all those shows were real sick. Brissie is always awesome but Headfest was a real highlight. Plenty of friends from all over the country & plenty from NZ too all coming together raising money for Robbie Johnstone. Shout out to Cal for being a fucking angel on earth. Also, fuck Lewy Glass for taking me to Melbourne that weekend!

Oz: At the risk of sounding corny again, there are a few shots in there from when my misso came away with us to Brissie. Also, Headfest was next level.

PC: Brooke Harley. Be sure to check out the ‘Impulse To Destroy’ video above, as well as the rest of Staunch’s discography from the Hombre Records Bandcamp page. Keep your eyes and ears open this month for their new EP. 


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