EP Stream: caution:thieves – ‘Songs From The Great Divide’

‘Songs From The Great Divide’ shows caution:thieves delivering four beautiful, emotional & hard-hitting post-hardcore bangers with EP #2.

If you combined varying musical elements from the likes of Architects, Alexisonfire, Misery Signals, Thrice, Poison The Well, Saosin/Circa Survive and Finch, you’d end up with Melbourne quartet, caution:thieves. More accurately, you would also end up with the band’s second four-track EP, ‘Songs From The Great Divide‘, which we’re excited to premiere early ahead of its release tomorrow!

This solid 13-minute follow-up release to their debut EP, ‘The Same Sky,‘ shows off all the facets of their post-hardcore sound; from the dynamic and delicate, to the soothingly melodic and punchy aggression, as well as the sonically and emotionally heavy nature of their music. It’s a great EP all around is what I’m trying to say here!

In our recent in-depth interview with caution:thieves vocalist, Nicholas Simonsen (which you can read here, and you really should cause it’s fuckin’ great), the singer spoke to us about how his overall journey with mental health struggles strongly influenced this EP’s vision, saying:

“With the cover, there’s the girl standing on the precipice and she’s standing above this hole and this hole for me represents my issues with mental health. There’s a certain complacency that comes with depression where life just feels too hard. There’s a line in ‘A Greater Sense Of Self’ where it says “I refuse to stay down in this whole unable to make a change”, as that was me not wanting to sit down in this hole and be miserable. With ‘The Same Sky’, I was in a really bad place. With writing ‘…Great Divide’ it was a conscious decision for me not wanting to be this person anymore.”


caution:thieves, 2017.

So far, the release has spawned two singles, the first being ‘A Greater Sense Of Self‘ as well as ‘And You’ll See The End‘, which premiered via Hysteria Mag earlier this morning. On the meaning behind new single ‘And You’ll See The End‘, Simonsen stated it’s about him taking the right steps in life to being a better man, saying:

I reached a point in my life where I was so far from the human being that I wanted to be. I was sabotaging relationships in my life, pushing away issues that I had and just refusing to see that I could change for the better. And You’ll See The End is about me starting on the right path. I finally took steps to work on myself and getting a grasp on my mental health. The first step was writing this song”

This short but sweet sophomore EP was tracked at Melbourne’s Complex Studios with Roman Koester (The Red Shore, Boris The Blade, Behind Her Savage Killing), whereas Ryan Furlott from Rain City Audio mixed the EP (It Prevails, and not I Prevail), and Mike Kalajian took up the mastering duties (whose CV includes Saosin, Circa Survive, Hail The Sun, among many others).

Stream ‘Songs From The Great Divide‘ in full below (it won’t take you too long), and if you like what you hear – and hopefully you do – you can pre-order this new EP very last minute right here.

For real, I can’t wait until this band does a full-length album.  

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