Australian Premiere: The Crushing New Film Clip From Casey, ‘Little Bird’

“Our hearts lay on the bedroom floor, and one was mine, but both were yours.”

Hailing from South Wales, United Kingdom, is the truly powerful, melodic hardcore outfit that is Casey.

Like many others, the first time that I heard this group was when their two miraculous two singles, ‘Teeth‘ and ‘Fade‘ dropped on May 1st, 2015 – both of which had phenomenal music videos. In fact, Casey has a very strong track record in terms of the quality of their music videos, and the band and their go-to director Chris Porter (of LifeIsArtFilms) have just nailed it yet again. Which is why we’re very excited to bring you all tonight the Australian premiere of the band’s latest wide-format, audio-visual experience for their emotionally crushing song, ‘Little Bird‘.

This song’s theme of the cyclic nature of searching for happiness and moving, or at least, trying to on from one’s prior heartache is captured perfectly with the haunting on-screen visuals that show our protagonist caught in this ever-damaging loop of remorse and painful regret. All in the name of a seemingly fruitless therapeutic endeavour, no less. It’s a song that doesn’t hold back emotionally and neither does this video.

So far, it’s one of my favourite music videos of 2017 and is truly something else. And if this is your first time, experiencing Casey, you’ve picked a great time to get onboard!

Little Bird‘ is the second song culled from the band’s debut album, the 2016 sleeper hit ‘Love Is Not Enough‘, and this impactful new film clip only proves that Casey is destined for greatness, in some form or another.

Make sure that you stream it below.

You can purchase ‘Love Is Not Enough’ here. It’s worth every cent. You can also pick up some sweet new vinyl of their debut record here

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