Alpha Wolf Release New Music Video, Sign To Greyscale Records

Mosh like your life depends on it. 

Alpha Wolf copped a lot of shit early on with their first two releases – their debut ‘Origin‘ EP and their ‘Dark Soul‘ two-track – and you know what, rightfully so! Their music was just generic hardcore mosh-worship, but far from being the best that that kind of music could offer. Then there was that random, odd electronic track ‘blkrchrds‘ that showed up in 2016, and unless my memory is failing me, there was that fucking Linkin Park cover they did, Christ almighty.

But ever since last year’s lineup change and the release of their previous single/film clip ‘Nail Biter‘, the response to this dark and dissonant Melbourne band has really shifted, and definitely for the better I’d say. That stronger response from listeners and the wider reach of their music is happening yet again with their heavy new single, ‘#104‘, which dropped earlier today over at Hysteria Mag. And man, I dig it!

Straight up, it’s another small step up for this nu-metal-meets-metalcore band and is setting the trend that with each new release, Alpha Wolf is continuing to tighten up their sound, their delivery, and grow out from their younger shells. This new, 3:22 long cathartic assault also shows promise for the record the band made with Lance Prenc and Jamie Marinos last year, which is sure to drop in 2017, and a full announcement on it should be coming soon.

Now, as for the meaning behind the song title, I couldn’t really tell you what #104 means or refers to, not without speculating off into the night. But as for the song’s general meaning, vocalist Aidan Ellaz said that “#104 is about the loss of a loved family figure, the desperation that comes with it and also how it affects reconnecting with the real world when all feels very black and white.” And you really feel that when Ellaz vehemently spits out “The choice of caskets threw me and left an empty reject/made from missing mothers/I’m now a defect/It’s live alone and die.


Alpha Wolf

Yes, yes, I was getting to that, hang the fuck on.

With this new video also came the announcement that the band has found a room under the ever-expanding Greyscale Records household, who also snapped up the alternative/post-hardcore Brissy lads in Deadlights last week.

Label manager and Short.Fast.Loud host, Joshua Merriel, said of signing Alpha Wolf that “It takes a special kind of band to make a collision of genres sound so seamless, but Alpha Wolf have managed to do just that. We’re so excited to see what the future holds for Alpha Wolf, and honoured to be a part of it.”

The music video for ‘#104‘ was shot and directed by Brisbane legend Thomas Savage (who also shot the film clip for ‘Nail Biter‘ and has been taking the promo snaps for these boys lately), and you check the new tune out below.

Be sure to bang your head when that shit hits like an atom bomb at 1:48!

Buy/stream/love/hate on/whatever ‘#104’ right here. You can catch the band headlining these shows and then providing riffage support to Aversions Crown & Boris The Blade on these following dates this June: 

Thursday, June 8th – Newcastle – Small Band Room
Friday, June 9th – Sydney – The Factory
Saturday, June 10th – Brisbane – Crowbar
Thursday, June 15th – Canberra – The Basement
Friday, June 16th – Adelaide – Enigma Bar
Saturday, June 17th – Melbourne – Workers Club

Header photo credit: Savage Photo/Film

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