Gallery: Yellowcard – 23/2/2017 – Max Watts, Melbourne

Yellowcard are not only on their final Australian tour right now but they’re also coming up on their last ever tour too. For their final tour goes down on the US west coast next month; a fate that is fast approaching them but it’s one that the band will be meeting on their own terms

Yellowcard are a very special band for a great many people and they were a big gateway band for the budding pop-punk, rock and emo crowds of the early 2000’s. Records like ‘Lights & Sounds’ and everyone’s favourite – 2003’s ‘Ocean Avenue‘ – cemented this fact, and ‘When You’re Through Thinking, Say Yes’ saw them powering through into this decade; a time that also saw one of their strongest works come to light – 2012’s ‘Southern Air‘. While the band did what many bands of that era did and change up their sound and hit a few bumps along the way (2014’s severely average ‘Lift A Sail’ comes to mind), they were still a band that was loved and adored by many around the world; both by newer, younger fans and older, far more nostalgic followers.

One such nostalgic fan himself, our very own Melbourne photographer Jordan Tan, was on hand to capture the group recently at Max Watts for one final time. Check out his shots below. 


Those eyes man, those eyes…

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Pop-punk’s best violin player, Sean Mackin.

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Supporting the band was Sweden’s Like Torches, and their drummer, Jimmy Brunkvist, filled in for Yellowcard. What a gun!


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Ryan Key.

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Catch you in another life, guys.

PC: Jordan Tan. Cheers legend! 

We’ll miss you Yellowcard.

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