The Dillinger Escape Plan Involved In Bus Crash In Poland

13 people have been injured in an accident in Poland on Sunday night, that involved a semi truck and The Dillinger Escape Plan’s tour bus.

The Dillinger Escape Plan were, of course, touring as part of their farewell tour and were on their way to a play a show in Krakow, Poland, around 8.20pm Sunday local time when their parked bus (which was also on the roads hard shoulder) were struck from behind from a speeding semi-trailer – destroying a large amount of their gear.

A shot of the ruined bus taken by guitarist Ben Weinman, which was received by Frank Godla of Metal Injection, can be found below.

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 9.38.13 am

Naturally, due to the accident, the show in Krakow was cancelled.

A police spokeswoman from the town of Radomsko, one Aneta Wlazlowska, has reportedly stated that the band were not seriously hurt from the crash but were still, understandably so, taken to a local hospital for further tests, just to be safe. Thankfully, a pregnant woman who was travelling with the band – it is not mentioned if this woman was a friend of the bands or one of the member’s partners – was also not seriously injured either. Which is, as it now stands, great to hear, all things considered.

However, reports indicate that the driver of the semi truck that struck the band’s bus has been far more seriously injured. Although, there has been no news of any deaths from this accident. Which is a bit of a miracle, honestly, as everyone can recall the horror story that was The Ghost Inside’s 2015 bus crash, which left two people killed and TGI with many severe injuries.

An on-ground news report of the accident can be found through Polish channel, TVN24, here.

We will keep this post updated as more info comes to light.

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