Vices Are Back This Year With A New Album

The last time we saw Sydney’s Vices in action on record was with 2014’s superb release, ‘We’ll Make It Through This‘. After some solid touring in the following year and well into 2016. But we then saw the band grow quiet, save for the odd teaser and hint of new material being written.

Now, that new material is finally coming to light in 2017, with the band’s announcement last night on Short.Fast.Loud of their third album – ‘Now That I Have Seen I Am Responsible‘.

This upcoming LP was produced with along ex-Defeater mastermind, Jay Maas, and is actually the first time that Vices have worked with a well-known producer, so it’ll be interesting to see how much their sound changes or remains the same with having an extra cook in the kitchen.

While 2013’s ‘Between My Mind And The World‘ was very internally focused in terms of its lyrics and its themes, ‘We’ll Make It Through This‘ was more externally focused on the ills plaguing our equally awesome and shitty modern society. So far, this new 13-track seems to be a mix of the two, with their personality and politics meeting right in the middle for full-effect.



Well… judging by the album’s first taste, ‘Broken‘, anyway.

Broken‘ (found below) is at first a chunkier, heavier, almost-metalcore track from the Sydney outfit, but then the fast, punk rock drumming of Marcus Temp and more emotionally-tinged screams of John McAleer enter and it suddenly becomes the emotional, uplifting yet dark and out-spoken Vices of old. And you know what means? Vices are back, baby.

Now That I Have Seen I Am Responsible‘ will begin its punk jumping routine on March 17th via Resist Records. Pre-order the record on iTunes, or be a sane person, well-rounded and go buy it on Bandcamp like I will be. A handful of pre-orders package are also up on Resist Records as well.

Man, my fingers crossed for another banger of a record!

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