Fuck Yeah: Architects Are Doing An Australian Headline Tour This May!

After being announced as part of this year’s Groovin The Moo lineup, there’s not much else for me to say here about Architects announcement today other than…buy your fucking tickets before this whole bloody headline tour sells out!

Tickets here.

Dates below.


This rather lazy post really undercuts how fucking excited I am, holy shit!

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    • Alex Sievers

      Last Architects headline show I saw was their 2014 show at the Corner in Melbourne. Was a barrier then, though and Arrow’s show is gonna be both rooms open. Probably barriers for all shows, considering how this thing is selling already.

    • Alex Sievers

      Such a good set too. I have never seen the Corner go off like it did like when the end of These Colours Don’t Run hit.

  1. Alex Sievers

    I’m with you Engine – great follow up record.

    But this tour probably won’t have much LF/LT material due to how much they played of it back in 2014, save for Gravedigger, Naysayer and Broken Cross. (maybe C.A.N.C.E.R as well).

  2. EngineNo9

    Here here chump. I think the band are well across what most of their fans want to hear being a few tracks off hollow crown and the last 2 releases. The here and now was a miss but daybreaker has arguably their biggest song in these colours don’t run. Does anyone listen to anything pre-hollow crown/Sam Carter? Gave it a go but to me was just a bit of a lesser good Dillinger

  3. Alex Sievers

    The Here And Now has some fucking great songs on it (Stay Young Forever, Delete Rewind, Red Eyes) but even then, it’s still one of their weakest releases.

    Yeah, those pre-Sam Carter releases aren’t fucking worth it. While they were decent mathcore releases for Nightmares and Ruin, but they were far from the best of that style (see TDEP, Norma Jean, and Botch instead.)

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