Watch: The Iron Eye’s Cheeky New Music Video, ‘Culpa’

The key word that comes to my mind when watching ‘Culpa‘, the cheeky new music video from Brisbane rock trio The Iron Eye, is ‘cheesy’.

Oh so very, very cheesy.

See, the audio-visual experience that is ‘Culpa‘ is made up many things. Most notably, the reveal of The Iron Eye’s questionable, better-kept-hidden alter-egos – Nick lethal And The Brown Eyes. Basically, this 70’s version of the Queensland triumvirate is a lot like Twelve Foot Ninja’s bogan alter ego’s, Ferret And The Sickos, shown in that band’s ‘One Hand Killing‘ film clip, except here, there’s none of that painfully drawn out Australiana dialogue.

Anyway! On top of that, The Iron Eye have combined multiple pelvic thrusts, plenty of hand-stitched flares, well-groomed moustaches that would make ageing pornstars faint with envy, and a few incredibly passionate overuses of the single eyebrow raise to truly ensure that this tale of poor, pervy boy-meets-high-class-girl romance is as cheesy as fucking possible. And that’s why it’s so bloody great!

For those unawares, ‘Culpa‘ is the opening song from the band’s latest release, 2016’s ‘Foreign Bodies‘ EP. And if I could sum up that solid five-track EP for you, it would be a combination of Royal Blood’s grittiness and edge, some Queens Of The Stone Age groove, and The Black Keys’ solid ear for melody and pop sensibility. There’s also some Arctic Monkeys influence in their somewhere, but The Iron Eye are nowhere near as dull as that particular UK rock outfit.

Out of the five songs from ‘Foreign Bodies‘, ‘Culpa‘ was least my favourite track but this video has really turned me around on it. And that’s coming from someone who already dug the ever-loving shit out of that release too! (Go read our initial review of it here and educate yourself.)

So be sure to watch the gloriousness that is the ‘Culpa‘ music video, which was directed and produced by Gregory Kelly, below.

And if you missed it last year, or just haven’t watched it in a while, make sure you check out The Iron Eye’s inventive, awesome film clip for ‘Just Started‘ right here.

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