FYI, KYS Has A New Instagram Account That You Should Totally Follow

Because Instagram’s customer support system is complete and utter dog shit and we had to make a new account.

Dear Instagram/Mark Zuckerberg,

Damn you both.

Damn you Instagram, and goddamn you, Mark Zuckerberg, you rich fucking yuppie.

Ever since Facebook bought out Instagram back in 2012 for a measly $1 billion dollars, the customer service of the mobile-focused social media giant that’s filled with more filtered food than any other site (bar actual food sites) has slowly, but surely, gone to the absolute pits.

I mean, come on, when you as a user require a unique four-digit verification code as the only way to regain access to your account and the service provider never sends you the bloody thing, you can be sure that that service is pure bollocks. And when you also cannot contact the company via email, nor over the phone or even through a direct Facebook message, you well and truly know that this service is so much more than pure bollocks, requiring a phrase that I’ve yet to invent. (Uber bollocks, maybe?)

Nope, this coveted email containing our deeply desired verification code was not hiding in any of our main Gmail folders. No, not in our spam folders either. We just had never been sent it. Yes, we had received numerous emails from Instagram before this head-banging-against-a-wall-period, and we have continued afterwards or during that initial troubleshooting period. As while you may very well have access to the email account linked to the Instagram account (such as I and the owners for KYS do), have the correct contact info listed, and have requested multiple verification codes can mean fuck all when the actual email and info needed is never sent! 

Screen Shot 2017-02-07 at 2.24.13 am

Back to square one.

So, did we forgot our accounts password? Nope!

Did we get hacked? No, thankfully.

Where we randomly deleted? No such luck.

So…what happened?

Well, we were to run an Instagram takeover with a band from the US – It Lies Within – in late December, but the American band needed a verification code to login to our account in order to post their live show shenanigans, as we in Australia were logged out for them and the account was being accessed from multiple devices. As such, Instagram went into full security mode, which is fine – that’s what you’d want any site to do when it thinks it’s being breached or is seeing potentially suspicious activity that may put your account and info at risk. Yet, as stated above, that wasn’t the case, nothing was at risk, and the necessary security email never arrived in our collective inboxes or spam folders. Thus, the takeover didn’t happen and we were locked out. We waited a few weeks to see if anything came through, and during this time, we tried multiple solutions, all to no avail.

Adding further insult to injury, Instagram happily and showing that it can work as damn well intended, sent us our password change request email and granted us that action, the bloody coy bastards.

A quick Google search will yield you with many Yahoo answer pages and forums inquiring about how to get around this surprisingly prevalent issue, with very little in the way of actual progress made or help available, sadly. So, let this all be a warning to you all in how you handle your Insta’s. Or else, like re-rolling a shitty character you built in Oblivion, you will have to start all over again!

Of course, the KYS Instagram account was never bursting at the seams with followers, but goddamnit, I was content to maintain our posting schedules and grow the follower count slowly over time, with the goal of making a modest account. But hey, fuck that, right? Nonetheless, as you can most certainly imagine from what I’ve just written, it is immensely frustrating to make a new account and start all from scratch again.

So, in summary, fuck Instagram and please go and follow our new Instagram account – @kill_your_stereo – to keep up outside of this actual website.

Also, you should go unfollow our old one – @killyourstereo – while you’re at it too. Because that one is deader than a doorknob right now and will most likely remain that way.


Us right now.

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