Premiere: Trojans New Single, ‘Mark Of The Crown’

The last time that Sydney’s Trojans were in the headlines was when they dropped their previous single/film clip, ‘Dead Eye Stare‘, back in November. And now they’re back at it again with their latest single, titled ‘Mark Of The Crown‘,

Trojans have only been a band for just over a year now, but like any act worth their salt and weight, they know that time is a crucial thing for your releases. So today, in the lead up to their next big release, we are very keen to be premiering this new track, which is culled from their upcoming debut EP ‘The Blissful Hollow‘. It’s a dark, heavy metalcore track, one that is definitely familiar sounding for the current metalcore sound, but still a solid tune at that!

Mark Of The Crown‘ also features Mark Poida, (ah, cheeky) who is the vocalist for Scientology’s favourite metal band about alien overlords, Brisbane’s Aversions Crown.

On scoring Poida’s voice for the track – a vocalist who is easily one of Australias best metal frontmen currently – Trojans vocalist Jesse Vanderhurst said they were very lucky to score the guest spot, saying “We were absolutely stoked to get to work with one of Australia’s most talented vocalists. He was so easy to work with and while he has one of the most evil vocal abilities in the industry, he was such a friendly guy!”


The Blissful Hollow‘ showcases varying themes of self-doubt, hopelessness, both mental and physical seclusion, internal struggles, and more. Their music also represents the dark time the five members were in during the writing of the EP, as they respectively dealt with the loss of family members, jobs lost, career changes, as well as their own collective sense of isolation only fueling the release’s creation. So, those are the internal factors at play, but there are external elements that also affected the band’s writing process. These where issues such as international religious upset, political shitstorm and heresy, rampant greed, and more all spiced up the inspiration for ‘The Blissful Hollow‘.

“Mark of the Crown is a song about the displacement of wealth and power in today’s society”, says Vanderhurst.

“Far too often those born into wealth and privilege choose to further increase their already immense wealth instead of using their position to better mankind and help those less fortunate. We see the false smiles of our politicians promising the world with no intention of coming through with their lies, yet people eat it up, probably stemming from that inherent need or naive belief that someone will come along and be fighting for the little guy. Unfortunately. that rarely is the case, and with each new leader or person in a position of power, we as a people get pushed just that bit more down. Mark of the crown is also about hope and a warning of times to come. Eventually, people will snap, revolt, and destroy the system, that in its infancy was put in place ‘for the people by the people’ but has become so twisted and toxic along the way.”

Now that that’s all out of the way, and now that we all know where this band is coming from, go and stream the quintet’s new single below.

Trojans’ debut EP, ‘The Blissful Hollow‘, will be available to stream on Spotify and to purchase on iTunes come Friday, March 17th, with pre-orders up from February 7th onwards with buyers receiving ‘The Mark of the Crown‘ instantly.


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