sleepmakeswaves To Support Underoath On Australian Tour

Underoath’s returning Australian tour has been selling like hot cakes, and if you’ve got a ticket to the either of these shows, you’ll be getting some mighty fine post-rock instrumental tunes to soothe your soul with Sydney’s sleepmakeswaves. 

The quartet has just been announced today as the tour’s main support slot. This is a great start to 2017 for the band, who are now set to release their third album in 2017. which recently hit its crowd-funding goal of $42K. sleepmakeswaves’ guitarist and band leader, Otto Wicks-Green, spoke of the bands and his own personal excitement to be supporting Underoath on a tour such as this, saying in the support announcement that:

“Delighted to announce that sleepmakeswaves will be performing with the mighty Underoath on all dates around Australia next month.

Speaking personally, ‘Define the Great Line’ and ‘They’re Only Chasing Safety’ were massive musical influences on me, and getting to witness these masters smashing this material out every night is truly bucket list stuff.

Thank you to Underoath and Destroy All Lines for this opportunity.”

Honestly, sleepmakeswaves were not my first guess for this tour’s support (Belle Haven would have been my pick, at least for the Melbourne shows), but I’m happy for these NSW boys. They’re easily one of the finer instrumental ambient/post-rock bands going these days and you’re an utter fool to not be listening to them.

Here, let me help you out with an introduction.


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