CJ McMahon Rejoins Thy Art Is Murder On Stage For Unify 2017

If you were in attendance for Thy Art Is Murder’s set at Unify Gathering this Saturday evening, then you would have witnessed a milestone moment for the extreme metal group; the return of vocalist CJ McMahon. 

McMahon truly defined the band’s sound, both their immensely well-received ‘Hate‘ and ‘Holy War‘ records, the trajectory of their career since the vocalist joined back in 2009 and it’s safe to say that they got where they are today because of his vocals and influence as a frontman. Even with having Molotov Solutions’ Nick ArthurBlind Oracle’s Brodie Paul (ya got me, Internet), Monte Barnard, The Racket host/ex-Colossvs vocalist Lochlan Watt filling in on the vocal duties since McMahon’s departure for their live shows, and while each of them did the band justice, it was obviously not the same for fans who often compared them to the former vocalist. And with having various touring vocalists, and a split release with The Acacia Strain and Fit For An Autopsy last year, many have wondered and asked the band who would become the next full-time replacement since his exit from the band in 2015… and maybe this is it?

HOWEVER! It remains to be seen if this was just a one-off appearance to mark the festivals momentous occasion or if McMahon is indeed back in the band full time, but from what I’ve seen and heard, it appears to be leaning towards the latter with Watt even saying as much via Facebook. Only time will tell on this one as we wait for an official statement from either the band or McMhaon himself. Either way, this is a great moment for both the group and a massive surprise for their many fans. And even if it is short-lived, I cannot help but smile right now seeing Thy Art Is Murder’s main man back with his brothers.

[Update: so yeah, it is all confirmed now. Sick.]

Last year, we spoke with CJ McMahon in a one-off interview, where he mentioned that he was back on good terms with the band members, saying at the time that “They actually played in Wollongong recently and I went down to meet them and catch up. There isn’t any bad blood between us at all now. “Back when I first left, yeah, there was a lot of tension, because I practically fucked the band over at the time. But it didn’t come from any of my family; it came from my own choice to leave. There were so many reasons, not just for money”.

Also, I take it this means there’ll be no Rizza for vocals then? Crushed.

Photo credit: Lochlan Watt’s Facebook page. 

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  1. EngineNo9 EngineNo9

    I caught their set and remember CJ saying that he went through a dark period, was a drug addict but has turned things around with some soul searching since being married and is back to conquer the world with his brothers. I think he’s here to stay

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