Premiere: Galleries Drop Emotional New Single, ‘Hunting Home’

Christmas is a time where we can all come together in joyful unity. It’s a time where the lonely can sadly feel even more lonely and where useless, last minute presents are purchased and forgotten about as quickly as they were bought. It’s a time where some people stay inside to relax and ignore their socialising duties whereas others travel far and to connect (or even re-connect) with friends and family. And in some cases

Yet no matter what you are doing this Christmas, or in this current lead up to Christmas, one’s music listening doesn’t really stop. In fact, it can even increase as you play catch up on releases from the past 12 months and check out those occasional releases that drop right at the tail end of the year. I mean, come on, what else are you gonna listen to at this time? Watered down Xmas-themed tunes that retail workers the world over are submitted to each and every December? That shitty Kylie Minogue song, ‘Santa Baby‘, which has that really unnerving video clip? Or a whole bunch of Michael Bublé tracks that are and will be littering the radio airwaves? Yeah, right.

As such, be sure to wrap your ear holes around some solid melodic hardcore, which is exactly what you get with Sydney’s Galleries and their new single, ‘Hunting Home‘.

Released via and Australian promotional organisation, BrokenJar, who take immense pride in providing a platform for smaller national bands to get a leg up in the local market, the melodic hardcore/”feelscore” band’s latest is just that; an emotionally cathartic song punctuated by harsh vocals, strong lead guitars floating over tight guitar chugs and punchy drumming.

One really nice touch to this song is the intro’s use of a sample of birds idly chirping in the trees, a serene prelude to the impending musical and emotional chaos that soon follows. So…maybe home isn’t so much a physical place as it is a particular state of mind for this band/narrator? I don’t know. But either way, you can find out for yourself by streaming the new single from Galleries below, and finally, just know that you’re not alone this Christmas and to never take things for granted.

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