It’s Always A White Christmas When Steel Panther Are Involved

Paint your fucking cock like a barber pole/send a GoPro up your own butthole.

Break out the tanks, hand grenades/minus Charlie Sheen cause I don’t want aids.

Those are just two of the many lines of lyrics from the new Steel Panter song, ‘Anything Goes‘, which has the usual amount of crass humour and sexual innuendo from the group as you would expect from the band. But come on, if you are coming to Steel Panther for insightful, thought provoking music and deep lyrics, then you’re really barking up the wrong fucking tree.

Of course, as the title of this new balls-to-the-walls song suggests, anything goes with the mock-glam metal four-piece. Oh and while we’re on the lyrics, here’s another keep for ya; “Tattoo unicorns on your shaven balls/bang a hot midget at Niagra Falls“. Now, that reads like a band that just rhymed lyrics together for the sole fact it all worked phonetically and musically and… well, not much else seemed to go into that thought process. But again, this is Steel Panther, so don’t expect that much from the four-piece.

Likewise, in the song’s accompanying lyric video, there are also some wonderful visuals to accompany the aforementioned lyrics. Just in case your imagination can’t be bothered doing the leg work.

Steel Panthers‘ new album, ‘Lower The Bar‘ is set for release on March 24th, 2017, and in case you missed it back in September, here’s the bands rather faithful cover of Cheap Trick’sShe’s Tight‘.

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