At The Drive-In Resume Transmission With ‘Governed by Contagions’

Oh shit, it’s actually here – new music from At The Drive-In!

The band’s first song in over sixteen years is called ‘Governed By Contagions‘ and it feels like the long lost cousin to the songs off their now classic record, ‘Relationship Of Command‘.

This is also At The Drive-In’s first song with guitarist Keeley Davis (of Sparta), who replaced the utter madman that is Jim Ward and it’s yet to be known just how much his absence will become felt in the band’s music. As the tone of the guitars and the actual parts they play, the dark lyrics, vocal timbre and phrasing from Cedric BixlerTony Hajjar’s solid drumming, and the overall vibe of this song definitely fits within the At The Drive-In many have come to know and love. Yet in saying all of that, would you label this as the band’s new classic or just a decent comeback in the lead up to whatever the hell their next release will be? (A supposed new full-length in 2017, if rumours are to be believed).

Well…you can decide for yourself below.

Personally, I do dig this new song but I find it to be a really safe release for the group. However, after all these years, if their first song back was something more akin to the likes of ‘Quarantined‘ or ‘Invalid Litter Dept.’, then that may not have delivered upon all of the hype built over the years, so presenting something faster, something more aggressive (well, as far as ATD-I’s music is concerned) such as ‘Governed By Contagions‘ was a smart strategic move to help appease the casual and die-hard fans. Besides, if a new album or EP is released next year, then I’m sure they’ll be plenty of cryptic lyrical content and musical experimentation to delve into.

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